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Tribex 500

I’m new to T-Mag but was told I might be able to get some authoritative information here. I’m looking to do some mild testosterone boosting since I’ve now hit my mid 50s. I work out 4-5 times a week but am not interested in bulking up, I stick with basic isometric/isotonic resistance. aerobics and stretching. Tribex 500 has been recommended to me since it’s all natural and apparently very effective. I’m wondering—is it a better choice than taking small doses (20-25mg daily) of andro or norandro? If anyone has any thoughts on this subject, I would very much appreciate your opinion. Thanx a lot.

With any andro product you are going to have to cycle it, or at least you should. Also an andro product isn’t going to boost natural T, and has the potential to suppress natural T production. Andro doses that small might not have much effect. If I were you I’d go with Tribex.

I think that both approaches would be effective. However, and this may be stupid reasoning, I prefer the Tribex approach because it makes your body produce its own natural testosterone. It just strikes me as a more holistic and therefore aesthetically pleasing approach.

Tribex-500, maybe paired with M on occasion.


And as an aside, if I were you I’d start with the weights. I know you don’t want to bulk up, but that’s mainly a function of diet (i.e. excess calories) rather than the type of exercise you do. As you age (and you may have noticed this already), you will lose both muscle and bone mass unless you do something to prevent that from happening. Weights are your best bet for a whole slew of reasons, and certianly much better than isometrics/isotonics. (I’d keep the aerobics and stretching, though.)

Hope this helps.

Jerry-I am having good success with a combination of ZMA at night, Tribex500 first thing in the AM. I am 40 and am currently in a cut phase. Get your T levels checked before and after if you want to measure the difference. Mine were up over 40%. This stuff works and you will feel the difference.