Tribex 500

I have been using Tribex for 3 1/2 weeks now, and I must say that I am impressed with the product. In the weight room, my lifts have improved more consistently then when I was using ZMA alone (the only other suppliment that I use, other then a protein powder blend). My pumps seem fuller, and they last longer then usual. Outside of the weight room, I seem to tbe able to “focus” more intently and for long periods of time then before. The sex life has also improved.

In two weeks time, I am preparing to begin a 12 week cycle of Tribex, Androsol, ZMA and MD-7. I hope to utilize the Delta 1250 diet at the same time, and then utilize a 1-6-1 / German Volume Training regime for 4x3 week periods (the 1-6-1 programs will coincide with the Androsol usage).

I will post my results as they become available…