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I am 42 y/o male in good health. Would like to naturally increase test levels. Has anyone over the age of 40 had any success with Tribex-500 alone? Have tried saw palmetto and DHEA without much in the way of positive results.

I know someone very well slightly over 56 who gets very horney on Tribex. As for whether or not the T-levels are actually raised, this individual has not had them tested. I understand it is possible to have your libido raised without raising T-levels so it is not a scientific answer but it is fun to take Tribex in either case.

I’m a 44 year-old male in less-than-optimum health. Tribex, A.P., and vitamins are about the only things I do use. I’ve talked with Bill Roberts about Tribex last January (thanks, Bill), decided it would be OK to use in my case (stroke survivor). I don’t use it all the time (sometimes my schedule prohibits consistent training), but when I do, I can tell a difference, and find that difference beneficial. I use 3-4 pills/day, twice a day, for two weeks, then two weeks off - probably a conversative approach, but that’s me. Give it a try - order it from Biotest, and if it doesn’t do anything for you, they have a money-back guarantee. Hope this helps.

I’m 43 and use it often. While I haven’t had t-levels tested, it does keep me up…if you catch my drift. I can definitely tell a difference when using it versus not.

Yes, great supplement. I feel like a teenager again sex drive wise at least, and seem to be able to add muscle easier. And that’s always been a slow process for me even when I was younger. I use ZMA too and will add M when it comes out.

I am also 42 (never had T levels checked) but you will be reminded every morning you are using Tribex! In the gym I seem to have a little extra when you are completing those last reps. Also sex drive has increase. I take 3 pills twice a day for 4 weeks.

I’m 39 (so not quite over 40…yet), in very good health/shape, and like Tribex a lot. I generally use the “weekdays on/ weekends off” protocol, as I find it’s just easier to remember, with a few off months here and there throughout the year. You can definitely tell a difference when on, and I would recommend the supp to anyone over the age of about 35. I have yet to hear from any older person on this forum who tried it and didn’t get good results, although there have been a few younger guys who didn’t feel much. If you want more info, do a search on the forum. There have been several threads dealing with your question in the past. Also, you might try stacking it with Vitex and seeing how that works for you.