Tribex 500 VS Androsol

What would be the difference between using Tribex 500 and Androsol? I’ve used Tribex 500 and been happy. I like the idea of a spray but am wondering about the above question.

You will usually get considerably more LBM gains in 2 weeks with Androsol than with Tribex – and more than with any other supplement
product. However since
they work in completely different ways (Tribex
probably working by increasing natural T production while Androsol delivers extra 4-AD and, indirectly, T to the system) it’s an apples and oranges comparison. Neither is “better” but one may be better at a given time
for a given purpose.

You can use Tribex most of the time, while Androsol, at least under the currently recommended twice
per day protocol, should be used only occasionally, 2 weeks out of every 6.

Tribex also is much less likely to cause
problems with body acne, a not-unusual side
effect of Androsol.

They’re completely different products really.
If interested in both, I’d look at using
Androsol for 2 weeks, then Tribex for 4 weeks, rather than using just one, or rather than using both at the same time.

THanks for the response. I’ll have to think on this one. In the mean time I’ll continue with the Tribex 500.