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Tribex-500 & The T-Daug 2.0 diet?

Any advice on the following would be greatly appreciated.

I’m in the middle of a building phase, soon to move into a cutting phase. I have reviewed the T-Dawg 2.0 diet and was thinking that it seemed like a very good approach for cutting while maintaining LBM. The article suggested using MAG-10 or one of several other products to aid in the maintenance of muscle, but all of these were discontinued.

I’m wondering if Tribex-500 is a good supplement for cutting and keeping mass at the same time? I believe that it’s an herbal T booster, so it seems like it should work.

I’m currently taking z-mass PM which is another herbal T booster aimed at nighttime use, so Im also wondering if there would be any conflict with these products, and if Tribex should be used mainly by itself?

Yes i would def use tribex while cutting, i am doing that at the mo, it will help keep your T-levels up

Hey, there, Slick. I haven’t had a chance to say it before, but nice work so far!

T-Dawg is an awesome diet! It’s probably my favorite diet here on the forum. It’s healthy. It’s sensible. It will get you results without your feeling too terribly deprived. It optimizes PWO nutrition and is protective of LBM. What’s not to love? (grin)

Re T boosters, yes, you want to keep T levels as high as possible. High T levels help you to put on muscle when bulking and are protective of lean muscle mass when dieting. It also makes you feel good!

Tribex is a very good supp if you’re working out hard and cortisol levels are high. It’s especially effective for guys who have T levels on the low end of normal or who find due to age that T levels are starting to drop.

I’d recommend you give it a trial run. You’ll know if you’re getting some sort of “kick” out of it or not. If not, spend your money on other supps.

Re Tribex conflicting with other herbal T boosters, I wouldn’t worry about it CONFLICTING. If you found that the two supps had some of the same ingredients and that you had overlap, it would make sense to decide on one or the other.

Keep up the good work!!! And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I am going to write about my own experience on Tribex after one month. I have only been on it for one week so far.


I’ve been doing the T-Dawg 2.0 while taking Tribex + M. I know that it has helped alot.

I’ve been an on again off again lifter. So I always carry a pretty good base of muscle underneath my fat. This time after not lifting seriously for about 1 year and gaining fat from a desk job, I entered back into training.

The first few weeks I was dieting and working out. However, my calories were too low.

Then when I did the Tribex thing, the next month I had insomnia (one of the side effects of Tribex) and night sweats. Those symptons lastest for about 3 weeks.

My strength and size has come back quicker than ever. I’m evening gaining muscle now on the T-Dawg 2.0 and Tribex.

Here’s some things that have been working for me while on the T-Dawg.

  1. I consume all my carbs around my workout. I drink 1/2 of my surge prior to and during workout. Then the other half after workout. I drink the rest of my carbs 1 hour later. Then I have a P+F meal. (I’m a bigger guy so I had to up my carbs on workout days to 175g)

  2. On non workout days, consume all your carbs by lunch. It will give you energy to get through the day.

  3. By evening from 6PM to bedtime you’ll be peeing and drinking so much water that you don’t want to leave the comforts of home!

Hope that helps, Tribex and T Dawg are a great combo. Keep up the good work.

Thanks everybody for all the feedback. The insomnia and night sweats thing doesn’t sound too good, but other than that it seems like the Tribex an T-Daug will be a good combo.

Walleye49, how much do you weigh that you upped your carbs to 175g. I weight 204.

Tampa-Terry, did you experiense insomnia or night-sweats?

Slick, everybody responds differently. Just start off at the low end of the dosage range and work your way up as you assess your tolerance.

And remember that Biotest gives their customers a money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I would just like to add that the carb thing isnt so much a weight thing as a how you personally react thing. PPl are just different.

I would suggest running the diet as laid out for atleast 2 weeks and then adjust from there if needed.