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tribex-500...penis enlargement

First off, let met just say that I have the utmost respect for T-mag and their hardcore,
in-your-face perspective of the bodybuilding
lifestyle. With that said, I’d like to tell
you about a commercial I saw the other night.
I saw this commercial for a pill called Enzyte.
It’s a penis enlargement pill. I know, I know,
I blow them off and laugh at them myself. But,
just out of curiousity, I checked out the website. As I was reading the nutritional
information, two ingredients really stood out.
The very first ingredient was Tribulus Terrestris. A little further down the line was
Avena Sativa. Now anybody who has logged on to
t-mag, has at least one time or another seen
those ingredients in one of the supplements.
That supplement is Tribex-500. For me, that
raises a lot of questions. Does tribex-500 offer even more than it advertises? Could this pill called Enzyte offer what tribex-500 does and even more. Who knows. I’m not trying to take business away from Biotest or T-mag. Nor am I promoting this product Enzyte. I just read the website and found this to be very interesting. It would be cool to hear from someone who has taken both and recorded the results. I’d like to hear some feedback from anyone who has knowledge of the two supplements.

Old topic. Check the past forum topics. No, it doesn’t offer anything more than you think. If it was that easy, everyone who purchased T-mag would have an 8+inch cock. Oh wait, that’s right, I do now. I almost forgot, all those cycles of Tribex made my wang HYOOGE!

According to studies, Tribex has like 3-4 times the active ingredient in it compared to the #2 tribe supplement. And I’m sure these stupid penis supplements don’t even have standards that high. So what makes you think this will work better than Tribex?

Funny thing is, if Biotest changed the name of Tribex to “Magic Dick Booster” or something, they’d probably sell more! Sad, but true. More people want happy penises than muscles.

No no no, obviously it would be called “The Penis Mightier.”

Not strictly on-topic here, but if you haven’t tried Tribex before you should give it a shot. While it won’t make your dick bigger, it will make it work better - at least if you’re old enough that you’ve started having “issues” in that area.

That said, Derek’s suggestion above was excellent. Not often you get to work in a penis pun like that. [sound of many hands clapping]

I supposed that the ingredients in M could be combined into a proprietary formula called “Thant”. Then Biotest could have another product called “Thant He Sword!”.

Buy Tribex-500 over XYZ penis pill.

First Tribex-500 uses Tribulus Terrestris Extract not Tribulus Terrestris.

The Avena Sativa will give you a nice “pump”. Tribex-500 does not enlarge but it will make you “rock hard”

I don't know how old you are but remember in school when it would "pop up" and at the end of class you had to walk around covering yourself with a binder? Welcome back to the "good ol days" Mikeh

The best thing I’ve found for enlargement is a busty blond wearing nothing at all.