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Tribex-500 or M

I need some help here. I am wanting to purchase my first dosage of Mag-10 but I don’t know what to take after my Mag-10 cycle is up. I have heard that Tribex-500 is best but I also heard that M was another good one. Could someone please help me out with this, because I would really like to order today. Thanks.

If you want to order today, do it and order Tribex, and get the M for free. DUH.

Good call, Mike! But he does have to be a member of the T-nation to get that deal. If he’s not, that deal won’t even show up on his screen. But it’s free to sign up, so go for it! I just got three bottles.

I took both of your advice. I signed up and just ordered the Mag-10, Tribex-500, and the M. What is the best routine to work with all 3 of these supplements? Any help would be great.

Ideally, using Tribex and M after your Mag-10 cycle is best. But Bill Roberts has stated that it’s not necessary if you’re only going to do one, two-week cycle of Mag-10 and then take a least four weeks off. Or you could just get Mag-10 and Vitex instead of Tribex or M, as he has also suggested. I think using Tribex and M is a good idea no matter what, but it’s optional unless you are doing back-to-back cycles of Mag-10.

Maybe it’s all the coffee I had today, but for some reason this thread pisses me off! You have no business doing MAG 10. This is info you should know and would have known if you read t-mag. Btw most people have stopped drinking coffee since John Berardi’s caffeine articles. I on the other hand started drinking coffee yesterday and I love it. I work in front of a computer all day so I become very lethargic and this helps me a lot. I noticed another benefit which is its diuretic effect. I usualy hold a lot of water, but after pissing like a mad man for the past 2 days I am definitely looking a lot more lean. That’s definitely not something i’m imagining.