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Tribex 500 &M usage

Hi guys I’ve been using tribex 500 for two weeks and according to a stack on biotest’s website I should start M in week three then stop Tribex 500 at the end of week 4 and continue with M till the end of week6 . I just wanted to know what’s the significance of the timing.i.e Not using tribex for the last two weeks.
Secondly I’m going on a 1 week vacation which would be somewhere in week 5…so should I just not use M ? Any recommendations guys?

Hi, omerfk. I would recommend using Tribex & M together and NOT switching back and forth between the two. The two products work synergistically. Tribex increases testosterone levels, and M prevents/limits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Most people use the two together, though I’m aware of a number of people who are just using Tribex alone.

Ditto for Tampa-Terry. Just use them both at the same time. If not, then the Tribex alone should certainly take care of the job.

By the way, what are you trying to do? Perhaps there is a better answer if we knew what you were doing specifically. Hope this helps. Good luck.