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Tribex-500 for a 21-year old

I have read a lot of the posts about younger people wanting to take Mag-10 and I dont really agree with it. I know Tribex-500 is a step down from Mag-10 and I was wondering if it would be safe/useful for a 21-yr old to take? I have been training for about 4 years and pay very close attention to my diet. It seems like I have kind of hit a wall though with my stength gains in the last 6 months.

Also, I am not going to lie here. I love training and working on my physique, but I am in college and enjoy going to the bars once or twice a week and having some drinks. I know alcohol is empty calories and effects your T-levels, but it is not something I want to give up quite yet at this point in my life. Would Tribex-500 maybe be useful in supplementing on just the nights I go out to the bars so my T-levels dont drop to much? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Tribex would be okay, but you probably won’t see much effect at your age unless you have lower than normal test levels. And I doubt that supplementing on an “as-needed” basis would do much good. Gotta be consistent for the product to work.

Why don’t you try Methoxy, combined with a really good program (of which there are plenty on the site) like HST? People seem to experience strength gains across the board with it.

Another option would be Myostat, if you’ve got some patience. Good luck.