Tribex-500 dosing

Has anyone tried any alternate dosing methods for Tribex-500 other than that listed on the label?

Also, has anyone tried 6 capsules a day and then compared it to using 8 or 10 per day? Were results better (and was the improvement worth the extra cost), or is there a “threshold” where any extra really doesn’t have an effect?

I tried 10 for a while but it did not have any effect on me. The weird thing is when I do 6 or 8 caps the stuff works awesome. So at least in my case the extra capsules did not have a better effect. I weigh 210 pounds so if you weight more than me you may want to try extra capsules.

I have found that sometimes using ten capsules per day makes a difference, I swear I can “feel” the effect. Other cycles, I use six or eight per day and get the same thing; in both cases, I’ve had more and less results. I’m assuming that body chemistry, rest, stress, and what I’ve been doing leading up to the Tribex-500 cycle makes all the difference. If I’m kinda drained and have been going real heavy, lots of sets to failure and using forced reps, by switching to a higher rep-lower weight routine AND going to Tribex-500, I get more results from the Tribex. If that helps anyone, I don’t know, it’s a pretty mixed message.

I like doing 4 caps 3 times a day. Nick

My first cycle I used 6 caps a day and had decent results. My second cycle I increased it to 12 caps a day and noticed a big increase. They say dosage is not based on bodyweight, but I don’t see how somebody like myself that weighs 245 can benefit from the dosage of somebody that weighs 160.

Thanks for all your replies. I’ll be messing around with different dosage patterns based on your experiences and I’ll let you know how things turn out.