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Tribex 500 Dosing

I noticed in BTS an issue or two ago that when on a cycle of M you take Tribex on an empty stomach. Am I mistaken? Also, the Tribex label says to take with food or a protein rich meal. If I wasn’t taking M, should I be taking Tribex on an empty stomach or with food or protein?

I think he said to take M on an empty stomach, not Tribex.

No, he said specifically (twice) to take Tribex on an empty stomach. I’ve been wondering about this as well, as the advice up to about a month ago was always “Take Tribex with food!” Has something changed here? - char-dawg: wondering where the hell Monkey Boy Eric has been for the last few weeks…

Tim seldom has time to post here. E-mail him directly. His address is in his new article and under the feedback button at T-mag.

I want to know about this too! Please post the reply you receive from tim

Rather typically one studies the effect
of a drug or supplement on an empty stomach,
since this is much more consistent than
allowing subjects to have meals.

However, most times, absorption of a drug
or supplement is better with food.

I would take with food in either case,
M or Tribex.

If I take Tribex on an empty stomach, I begin to belch up something awful - it smells and tastes really bad, and actually stings my nostrils a bit. I don’t know what causes it, but I’m sticking with the food for both of them.


I seem to be missing something about Mag-10 and M dosing. It says take M after your Mag-10 cycle. Shouldn’t you take it during? Please explain why this is not so. Thanks Bill. :slight_smile:


Keago, there are no issue whatsoever of
high estrogen while using MAG-10, so no point
in an anti-estrogen.

Steve, I’d suggest drinking at least a glass
of liquid after taking Tribex. I have a similar
problem myself. It’s as if it doesn’t actually always go all the way down unless you wash it down. This can result in dry powder coming up unexpectedly. In my case it comes up into the mouth, but in your case it seems to come up into the nose. Anyway, water should fix that.

Bing!!! That’s the sound of the light bulb coming on. Thanks Bill.

Also I have had similar problems with pills especially with magnesium.

Funny I just had a window pop up (right in the middle of posting) warning me that I’m being watched, with an add for how to protect myself. Wow I feel safe now. Even if they are legit nice way of advertising.

Most herbal capsules seem to smell about the same. And they belch the same without water.

I am also curious why they say to use “M” on a empty stomach. Tocotrienols are fat soluble and definitely absorb better with a meal. Herbs like vitex generally have fat soluble compounds and absorb better with food. The trihydroxystilbene (resveratrol) probaly would absorb better with food also. The only compound that may absorb better on an empty stomach would be the D-glucarate(water soluble) which does most of its effects in the small intestine before it is absorbed.

Thanks Bill, I’ll let you know how it works out after I finish a cycle of Mag-10.


Speaking of dosing, I just got a bottle of the new formula and wasn’t the dosing recommendations switched??