Tribex-500 and ZMA

Hey T men readers. Have a question concerning the use of Tribex w/ ZMA. I am 40, 6’0’ and 188 Ibs. (14%bf) Have been training for about 10 yrs. Decided to get serious about a year ago and really try and define my physique. Had my T levels tested (890total method). Started a cycle of ZMA and in week two started Tribex.
I am now in my third week (2 on Tribex) The tribex keeps me mentally pumped all day and when I hit the gym I am a raging animal. Strength is up, endurance is up etc. Here is my question. I am only using 3 caps of tribex on an empty stomach in the morning, then 3 caps of ZMA at night before bed. This is about half the recommended dosage for the Tribex. AM I missing out? My feeling is that 6 Tribex caps will drive me out of my skin with alertness and being well…on all the time. Any thoughts or comments or similar experiences? Thanks in Advance.

I get the same thing as you from tribex - If I take 6/day I cant sleep at night. I take 3 in the morning and it works great as far as libido and the Tribex “buzz” I get.

Actually, i would recommend that you take three tribex caps with your ZMA on an empty stomach before you sleep. I’ve been using this combo for about three weeks and have no problem falling asleep at night. Plus you may get an additional boost in your T-levels by taking it with your ZMA. I feel pumped and alert when I wake up in the morning. It doesn’t hurt to try it.

I also take 3 Tribex in the morning and 3 at bedtime with ZMA to coincide with the diurnal testosterone release. I sleep like a baby. Try it and see if it works for you.

well thats a real surprise to me.i am in my third week of tribex 3 aday,5days on then two off,and i feel very tired on the days i take it.i do feel a bit short tempered but by no means do i get any energy gain from it at all.i finished a two week cycle of creatine 5 mg per day followed by two weeks of androdiol 600 mg daily for two weeks as strength is definetly up there over the past 6 weeks or so but i find myself sleeping more and needing a nap as well.the creatine seemed to give me a very good boost in energy when taken prior to workout and brought my mental alertness way up as well.the androdiol made me tired likethe tribex but the gains were excellent.i am up 13 lbs in 6 weeks and body fat is slighty lower.anyway,just wanted to throw in my 4 cents worth.good luck with your training.

I have been taking ZMA for a few weeks now, one of the main reasons I started was cause I heard it helped sleep. I seem to find it either does nothing or makes it harder? anyone else have that problem? I am about to go on tribex after a mag 10 cycle, and I was going to do 3 morning 3 ZMA at night (Largely financial reasons)

I take the full dosage of both and it works fine for me. The night time Tribex and ZMA feeding I take about 30 minutes right before my protein shake and then I go to sleep within 10 minutes. I don’t feel robbed of sleep when I wake up and if anything I still feel rested given that I sleep less hours now than usual. Recovery is defiinitely excellent as well as strength so no arguments there as well. Hope this helps.