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Tribex-500 and the NCAA

Chris Shugart and others is Tribex-500 banned by the NCAA? I asked because I’m trying out for college football and I dont want to use the supplement if is.

Philtwine, if you don’t get an answer on the forum, give Biotest Technical/Customer Support a call at 800-525-1940. Unless budget is really a problem for you, consider taking it with M.

Thanks Tampa-Terry. For all NCAA athletes on the t-mag board Tribex-500 is not banned by the NCAA. I called biotest for the information.

Cool! Thanks for sharing that with us, Philtwine.

be careful with your test ratio. have it monitored because although tribex is not banned there is a small possibility of failing the test due to elevated test levels. highly unlikely though

I found this on the t-mag website.

Q: I recently bought your Tribex formula and wanted to use a six-week cycle of it to peak for a big track meet. But is anything in Tribex banned by the NCAA, or will anything in it be tested for? If my testosterone levels are above normal, I’d like to be able to show them the bottle and have it be perfectly legit; I don’t want to lose any eligibility…

A: Nothing in Tribex will inherently cause you to test positive for a drug test, and there are no substances in Tribex which are banned by any sports organization that we can think of (unlike androstenedione and other prohormones which are being banned by just about everyone these days). Tribex will probably raise your testosterone levels above YOUR typical normal value, but it’s unlikely that they will raise levels high enough to be outside the physiological high end of normal (around 1100 ng/dL). However, if you are really concerned, just stop using Tribex 72 hours before you’re going to be tested, and you will be just fine?you’ll “ace” that urine test without having to study for it.