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Tribex-500 and Oral Winstrols

I am going to do 1000 Oral winstrols at 25 pills per day(50 mg). This will last app. 6 weeks. I cannot get clomid and have tried for about 3 months(I have been sitting on these winnys forever). I need to use Tribex and I was wondering if I should take the Tribex before and after the cycle or during the cycle. Can anyone help?

That alot of pills to take in one day. I have oral winny as well, but mine are 50mg each (They were actually lab tested at 48.3 mg stanozolol per tab). They are bootleg versions from a reliable supplier. I have been taking two per day with great results so far after only 10 Days.

Anyway, you really should get clomid for when you come off of the winny. Tribex takes much longer than clomid to bring your levels back up. If you can’t find it, then just go to your doctor and ask for a script. He may be understanding.

50 mg tabs? how big are they–mine are 2 mgs. I cannot get the clomid–so I need help with the Tribex–Please can anyone help. I didnt even know winny could be obtained in other than 2 mg pills.

The 50mg tabs are actually about the same size as the 2mg tabs. They just contain many less fillers and more active ingredient. As far as tribex goes, it is most effective at giving a slight boost to T levels above a normal level. However, Clomid is much better at taking low T levels back to normal. If you are only doing Tribex, expect your recovery to be much slower than with clomid. But it should help a little.

The thing I would be concerned about with the 50 mg dose
is that I have always found that with oral steroids,
dividing the total for the day into four or more doses
gives MUCH better results than single dose, and
considerably better than twice per day.

So if you are going to take 100 mg/day let’s say, which
is a fair bit of oral Winstrol, the 50 mg size allows you
only two doses per day.

Personally I’d take approximately half at a time in that
situation, rather than take infrequent large doses.

Bill, So I will take the oral winny at 10 mg, 5 times per day to optimize blood levels of winny. What kind of gains have you seen from this kind of dosage? I am 22 and just looking to up my draft potential as i am a Division 1 college football player. I dont want to mess with any testosterone due to my age so that is why I am going with the winny. Is this a good approach? Also how can I use the Tribex to get T-levels back up? Thanks Bill-I really apreciate your time and effort.

CC, a couple of guys have reported as much as 30 lb LBM over 8-10 weeks on that dosage of Winstrol as the only drug… that’s more than the usual though which I guess is about half that. Some are always better responders than others. Chances are good your results will be in the 10-20 lb
range of retained LBM.

I’m not really a Tribex expert… 'bout all I know is take
it like it says on the bottle, or preferably somewhat
more. We are going to be looking at what happens combining
Tribex with Androsol so I should be learning more about how
it works.

Thanks Bill–I really appreciate your imput and all the time you spend helping the t-mag readers out. You and Brock do a great service and we really appreciate it. Is there a greater chance of side effects if I add another 10-14 days on my 6 week cycle? Does a great amount of the gains you saw come in weeks 7 and 8? Thanks a lot Bill–I really appreciate it

If I were not bothered by testicle shrinkage at the 6 week point I’d have no problem continuing on another couple of weeks. This quite likely would be the case. Gains in weeks 7 and 8 are pretty similar to gains in the middle of the cycle. Past 8 weeks gains tend to get slower, but can still be worthwhile. It also depends a lot on your training program and how you have integrated it with your drug
program. If planning on doing say an 8 week cycle, one
might very well plan the training cycle so as to try
to peak the gains in the last couple of weeks… that
doesn’t inherently make weeks 7 and 8 better but if you
did plan it that way, then those might be especially
good weeks for gains.

Thanks or all the help Bill. One more thing–Should I be worried staying on for 6-8 weeks is too long? I want the most bang for the buck as my goal is to get drafted. However I do not want to risk my future health. The steroid use for me is going to be the only cycle I do right now. I dont envision myself doing any more until my late 20’s or early 30’s. this is later in life and i will be a Pharmacist by then and will be able to get my hands on anything!!! I just want to get big and ripped right now for sport and maybe a career. I am hoping I can make enough money in pro sports to pay for Pharmacutical school. I guess I want the best of both worlds–big and ripped with virtually no side effects–can you blame me? Well thanks for the info Bill–i also plan on taking in more Vitamin E, C, milk thistle extract, evening primrose oil and ALA to protect myslef. thanks

No, six to eight weeks is not too long… the only issue would potentially be in the unusual case that you had very substantial (not imaginary, but very substantial) testicle shrinkage well before then, in which case it would be better to take a short break until testicle size is back and then resume.

By the way, I really ought to post something or write an article or something on this whole testicle size thing… there’s a huge placebo effect going on! It’s like, a pill could really just be gelatin, but if you warn people it may have some side effect, a substantial percentage will be quite sure, honestly quite sure, that it did cause that side effect in them. It’s human psychology and there’s no getting around it, and it’s not the fault of the people who get honestly confused by this effect. But even the heaviest steroid cycles totally shutting down LH don’t cause much testicle shrinkage in say 2 weeks, nothing significant or even reliably observable by the eye (can’t be sure they really are smaller). Yet we’ve had folks e-mailing how Androsol shrunk their testicles 30 minutes after application!!! I know it’s an honest worry and it’s a matter of education… what we know from steroid cycles is that
testicle shrinkage isn’t usually too much until 8 weeks or even longer, though sometimes as early as 5 weeks or so.

By the way, you might want to make a Silly Putty replica of one of your testicles… this is the best way to have an objective reference of what is happening. Another way is just this… if your testicles are normally good-sized, when they get to where you’d be embarrassed and you’d think a woman you’d just met would notice how small your testicles
have gotten and be wondering about it some, but not to the
point where she’d necessarily think something is medically wrong, that’s when it’s time to quit the juice… (or get some HCG! :slight_smile:

Bill, Is testicle shrinkage common in 50 mgs of oral winny’s a day? Also wouldnt clomid of Tribex combat this? Thanks for your time. What did you mean by a short break?

As the only steroid, 50 mg/day oral Winstrol divided dose causes only slow testicle shrinkage, taking many weeks… if you took it single dose in the morning (which would give less results) I’d expect no significant shrinkage. Basically, accept that some temporary testicle shrinkage
occurs with anabolic steroid use… it’s no big deal!

By a short break, just whatever length of time is needed
for testicle size to return to satisfactory: this won’t
be a long time.

Clomid wouldn’t be much of a help because there is no
estrogenic problem – it’s no help if androgenic inhibition
is enough to shut down LH totally – but since the Winstrol
is only offering partial androgenic inhibition, reducing
estrogenic inhibition with Clomid will still reduce overall
inhibition a little and this will help LH levels or rather
I should say, in theory it should and in practice people
do see better testicle size retention with Clomid provided
that it is a mild cycle. (As mentioned, with heavy cycles
it makes no difference since you still have total androgenic inhibition even if you block all the estrogenic inhibition.)

Under the 6-8 week cycle of 50-100mg of oral winstrol per/day, there are no off days correct?