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Tribex 500 and Methoxy-7?

For the two weeks following the use of mag 10 could I use tribex 500, and methoxy-7 instead of M?

Yes. In fact, you don’t need anything to come off if you follow label directions and take 4 weeks off between 2 week cycles. But things like M, Tribex, and Methoxy-7 may help anyway between cycles. Personally, although there aren’t any real suppression issues if following the label, I still like to use that stack between cycles because I think it helps me retain gains, if not keep making gains.

yeah, i took tribex/m protocal after my mag-10. i love that tribex ! i didn’t make any more size gains after mag-10, but my strengh shot up !

If cash is the issue, you could always just go with generic Vitex (Solaray) for real cheap. However, it DEFINITELY won’t be as strong as M.