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Is tribex and m worth the money?

Thanks, Ken

Well, it doubled my T and halved my cortisol. Many think the ratio of T to cortisol is more important than just how high the T is. Make sure you drink a lotof water with the Tribex though. It ain’t pleasant if it disolves before it hits the stomach and you burp some of it out you nose. Looks kinds funny too.

Try a search. It’s in the bottom left of the screen. Perform the search in T-Forums.

Avoids, Did you do blood tests? If so, what were your numbers like? Thanks.

Try it and find out, Biotest has a 100% moneyback guarantee.

I am currently using it now to recover from a strong pro-hormone cycle. My nuts actually lost some size on the cycle. The Tribex/M combo got them back to full size and then some in about a week. My normally high T levels are right back up there and cooking. I’ll be done with it in about a week. But, hell yeah it works! I never tried M before and it seems to greatly enhanced the effects of the Tribex. If you are over say 40 I’m sure it could elevate natural levels into the high range. Otherwise I’d just use it during hard cutting cycles where stress is dropping T levels or to recover post cycle.