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Tribex-500 and M

I got my 2 bottles of Tribex-500 and one of “M” and am looking to start them while cutting from the beginning of march. Initially I will do a 4 week program designed by Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training 2K3).

Should I follow the suggested stack/cycle on the Biotest homepage (2 weeks tribex, 2 weeks tribex and “M”, 2 weeks “M”) or simply take both for all 4 weeks ??

BTW: Its killing me to buy these supps in Europe, - I paid ~150 for the above, when I could have gotten 2 bottles of each as an offer for 100 on the biotest homepage…

come on guys, - someone must have tried it !!

I take it all four weeks. After that I’m off of Tbx for a week. Then start again. I don’t think you have to cycle M so I’m always on. Based on the price you pay this may not fit for you. Hope this helps.

I’m always on it for 4 weeks at a time. It takes a week to 10 days for me to feel it so at the end of 4 weeks I am usually pretty pumped up.

I would use their recommended cycle if you were going to be on these supplements ‘all of the time’. If, however, you have only a certain supply with you and you’re not planning on getting any more sometime soon, then by all means, use them both for 4 weeks.

i just ordered my 2 bottles of Tribex - cant wait to get started. So according to you guys the 4 weeks on cycle is best - I am new to all this including t-mag. Can’t wait to get started.

Thanks for the input: When taking both M and Tribex, should I take M in the middle of the day, between the Tribex doses ??