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tribex-500 and M

I started taking tribex and M. It says tribex should be taken three capsules in the morning and another three after 8-12 hours, and M with tribex in the morning.

Does it mean I don’t take “M” with the second portion of tribex? I just want to make sure.And also, since I only used mag-10 for a week, is it ok to use tribex and M for a week only too?

thank you

You should take the M with your morning Tribex only…none at night. Since you were only on Mag10 for one week, and assuming that you are not going to be taking it again for another couple of weeks, you really don’t need to take M and Tribex for “recovery”. However, they are good supplements to take by themselves anyway whether or not you have been taking Mag10.

thanks…I was uncertain about that.