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Has anyone tried this product?

As I understand it, it’s a very weak version of Tribex-500. Tim P. posted a chart once that showed the active ingredients in Tribestan were low compared to Tribex. It was in a behind the scenes column, not sure where. Try the search engine at T-mag.

Not only is it much weaker in concentration than Tribex-500, but there is no real way of knowing the quality of the trib in it. Tribestan was the brand people used and touted as the best, until Biotest came up with Tribex-500. No reason to use it while Tribex-500 exists.

I’ve tried it and tribex 500, if you already have high test levels it doesn’t work.

I have naturally high T and Tribex-500 did quite a bit for me. So, I don’t think its benefit is limited to those with low T.