Tribestan and Arimidex...? Woah

Hey macs, was wondering if anyone had experience taking tribestan with Arimidex? After reading an article about tribestan I realized its largely wasted if you donâ??t take an anti estrogen with it. basically the point made is that with any natural increase of Test the body tries to keep a balance by increasing estrogen.

“Tribulus extract is extremely safe and appears to have no undesirable side effects. One of the reasons Tribulus extract doesnâ??t seem to have any apparent side effects in research subjects is because it doesnâ??t push testosterone above “upper” normal levels. The body is seemingly up-regulating aromatization to accommodate for the increase in LH and testosterone. No studies have been done to date to support this but from the changes in testosterone and estradiol respectively I would say there is a good chance this is in fact what is happening.”

Because tribestan works by maximizing your bodys natural production of T i dont think that taking Arimidex with it will push any of your hormones out of there physiological range. any complications im overlooking here fellas?
Yes i do have low T to begin with, i say this so nobody wastes there time telling me that Tribestan doesnt have much of an effect on people with average T levels to being with.

I tried taking Tribulus for approx 3 months at the recommended dosage. I had blood work before and after, the results were pretty conclusive IT DID NOTHING. Absolutely no raise in testosterone and I am also on the lower end with testosterone. I found a thread about it once and heaps of people said the same thing, it did nothing for them.

Give it a shot if you want but I would not worry about taking Arimidex with Tribulus. You would probably only raise testosterone maybe by taking the Arimidex on it’s own. Taking them together people would think that actually Tribulus was the reason for the raise but it should have been credited to Arimidex.

Just my humble opinion.

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Above is absolutely correct. You would do just as well taking the anastrozole on its own. Some guys do this, in fact. But if you’re truly low-T it probably won’t be enough. You need labs.

Well theres a big difference between Tribestan and Tribulus. Did you take Tribestan for 3 months or Tribulus? i dont think id start taking any labs, but how would taking Arimidex on its own work. Because its not directly a foreign hormone it wouldn’t need to be cycled right?

In other words you could take a half a tab every other day for a few weeks and when you discontinue it your estrogen levels would gradually rise back to normal with no side effects? Thanks amigos.

well anyone care to share there experience taking Arimidex alone?