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Trib and Longjack Revisited


I am now more confused than ever on supplementation with Trib and Longjack (tongkat ali). I keep coming across statements in the "major" magazines that these have positive human results. Below are a couple of statements out of the latest Natural Bodybuilding magazine for example. Can someone make sense of this for me? I have seen studies where trib made no difference. Yet apparently there are legit studies on humans that show quite the opposite. If any one can explain this logical inconsistency, I would appreciate it. I know Natural Bodybuilding gets quite a bit of revenue from these but I find it hard to believe that they'd blatantly lie about a study that did not exist. Any help would be much appreciated...

About eurycoma longifolia:
"More importantly in human research, where male subjects under age 50 saw an average testerone increase of approximately 91 percent with 100 mgs. of LJ100. This may be due to a reduction in sex hormone binding globulin, which would otherwise make free testosterone unavailable. In any case, human research has demonstrated that LJ100 has a definite anabolic effect. in a pilot study by Hamzah and Yusof, 100 mgs. of an extract of eurycoma longifolia was shown to increase fat free mass, reduce fat mass, and increase muscle strength and size. Not a bad potential substitute for andro." 11/2005 p 26

About Tribulus:
"Of greater significance to athletes are the studies where standardized extracts of tribulus terrestris were found to modestly increase testosterone. Tests on healthy men demonstrated that a five-day treatment with three tablets of the standardized extract (250 mgs. each) per day significantly increase levels of testosterone by approximately 30 percent. In another stuyd, a group of men suffering from a range of reproductive disorders were treated with the standardized extract of the herb. The restults confirmed previous observations and treatment increase testosterone levels and improved libido without producing side effects."
11/2005 p. 26


It's simple in that not all Tribulus products are the same. This is true with most, if not all, herbs.

Some Tribulus products may not have any affect while others can be very effective.


It's a jungle out there...