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A friend of mine has an unopened bottle of triacana. Is there a safe/correct way to use this? The info on this site looks pretty negative. Has anyone used it and what results were achieved? Info would be highly appreciated. Thanks

I have used it before and found it to be extremely effective. On the downside I think it supresses your natural thyroid significantly. I felt like shit when I came off, I expected a rebound but this was more than I planned. I tried to keep my diet in order but I ended up putting back on a decent amount of the weight. I have also used T-3 and found it to be much better when used for short 3 week cycles, only going up to 75-100mcg max.
I never noticed any side effects or supression and I kept the weight off for the most part.

jph-a few quick questions-what was your bodyfat before and after using triac,how long was the rebound,what was the dosage,and how much fat did you gain back? I guess these aren’t really quick questions. I guess the bottom line is was it worth it, or would you say toss the triac and get some T-3? Thanks for the info.