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Triax Frequency - Bill Roberts

If I take 1000 mcg. of Triax twice a day (in the morning and afternoon) for three consecutive days, then would four consecutive days “off” be sufficient to allow for thyroid recover. Would I be able to “start” using Triax again after the four days off without any down regulation?

No…TRIAX downregulates faster than anything else with the
effect being almost immediate (w/i 1 day).


Agreed… the whole point of triac medically is precisely
that it gives very high downregulation of natural thyroid
compared to have much effect it has on the body’s metabolism. It is useful when a doctor wishes to cause
suppression without speeding the metabolism yet further.

In other words, it’s the worst possible thyroid hormone
for bodybuilding purposes, quite inferior to T3 and to
the upcoming T2 product. The only reason it was sold and
not T3 was that T3 is not legal to sell as a supplement
and no one in the supplement industry had the idea for T2 yet at that time.

Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my question. I know you all have to be busy.