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All this talk about MASS makes me hungry for some. But all that goes through my mind is how great a TRIATHLON would be. Im so interested in them currently. I just can't let go of the competition bug, my endurance and training from boxing carries over very well. I can still run 4 miles easily in 28 minutes. I can still sprint 4x400 in less than 1 minute each with 2 minutes rest. Now, swimming? oh man, this weekend just to mess around my girlfriend and I swam for laps. Holy shit, it's freaken tough. I swam 5 laps in a row to find myself more tired than I have been in a long time. Out of breath, heart beating like crazy.

Anyone up for a triathlon?



If you've never been taught the proper technique for swimming, then it will be much harder. I have lots of friends that I train with sometimes who are triathletes, and swimming technique makes a huge difference. A good swimmer sort of skims across the top of the water. Me, on the other hand, I'm pretty much a "water plow", and get winded pretty fast. :wink:


yeah im thinking of doing a tri this summer (sth hemisphere) a series starts in novemeber and there is one every other week.
im a good swimmer, once upon a time i was a very good runner but i dont like the idea of a bike seat grinding my nuts into blended oatmeal....
ahhhg fuck it, who need nuts, lance armstrong seems to be fine....
i'm thinking of making a t-shirt with me doing a deadlift. it will make me feel better running in that, knowing i can lift more than all the skinny bastards beating me....


I've been racing all summer. I've done tri's, trail races, and mtn biking. depending on which tri distance you choose, I wouldn't worry about the swim too much. you will find it easier to do an open water swim too, at least I do. swimming is definitely my worst event....but when I get out of the water, that's another story. I usually wear a full wetsuit too, which helps with buoyancy. give it a 'tri', you'll love it. nothing like competing.....and any distance race done right is hard, and will give you a great workout.


fuck the wetsuit, do the whole thing in speeedos YEAH BITCH!!!!
Plus they couldn't possible make wetsuits big enuf for any T-MAN :wink:


Tris were great in the early 90s when Bear companies such as Bud Light were the sponsor.


Well, it's still a thought.

I'd really love to have one come by near by. Try it and see how it goes. I don't plan on training much for them just yet. Im still shooting for massiveness. Bulking is priority now. Ive been a skinny dude for a while, it's time to put some size on.



without my wetsuit, I'd sink, and speedo.....no fucking way.

doesn't seem to be too many in Kansas. I found one though:


I love it when beer companies sponsor races. there were kegs of Sam Adams at the Chicago Marathon finish line. almost passed them by, but I couldn't refuse the free beer. sucking down 3 beers right after running a marathon gives you a buzz pretty quickly. :wink:

I've been using 4AD this summer while training...works pretty well for maintaining muscle while training for races.


Having been a near pro triathlete in my days gone by, I can relate. I'd planned on making this year my "re-introduction" to the sport. Unfortunately, my left knee had other ideas. I'll go for it next season (and I have about 4 good ones to choose from).

And when I was racing a lot, I did most of my races in a Speedo (wetsuit swim, however -- the water never gets all that warm in the PacNW). Only for half-IM distance would I add unpadded shorts over the speedo for the bike leg.

My background going into tri was running, so that was my strength. I got my swimming technique by hanging around a lot of fast guys at the University of Washington. Took me 4+ years to get it dialed in that way. Probably could have gotten it in much less with a dedicated coach, but being a poor college student...

As for swim technique, Total Immersion has a lot of seminars and instructional material. I'm not a big fan of their system, myself, but it's been good for a lot of people, so I can't argue with that.


You don't have to give up on the strength training entirely. There are different categories/versions of tris nowdays and one of the popular ones involves having to lift. After each leg, you have to squat/bench/and deadlift your bodyweight on the bar. They deduct time off your final time of the swim/bike/run, for every rep you do. I think they are called Powerman Triathlons, or something like that. Saw some races firsthand and they looked like a lot of fun.


Ive decided that I'll start checking things out. I thought about it slowly, so I made a small commitment to dedicate three days a week to swimming, running, and biking. One day a week I'll perform one of the challenges. I'll continue with my regular training, and change nothing.

What would you guys suggest for post-workout consumption after a session of these particular challenges?
1. would you treat it like a cardio routine?
2. Would you treat it like a HIIT?

so in other words, SURGE or No surge?

thanks fellas,

p.s. That powerman triathlon sounds really interesting. I'd love to see one.