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Triathlon Training

Bonjour Coach!

I am signed up for an Olympic distance Triathlon this upcoming summer. This will be my first Triathlon. I have been doing Obstacle Course Races over the past two years as a way to challenge myself. Did my Spartan Trifecta over this past summer. Time to move on to a new challenge.
My question is during the 12 weeks of primary Triathlon training ( lots of swim, bike, run) what would you suggest I do in the gym to maintain or even gain strength/muscle. I’m not a believer in these skinny no muscle endurance types.

A little about myself:
46 YO male
190-200lbs depending on the time of year
Always considered myself a power athlete - hockey, rugby
Programs I’ve done of yours: ALAS, Zombie
I will be starting Look like a Body Builder/Athlete in a week followed by 6 Weeks Superhero.

Thanks for any feedback you can give!

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It is honestly not my area of expertise. That having been said I might start working with a triathlete and will talk to him about the needs of his sport so I can learn how to design his program.

You and I both…Thx Coach!