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Triathlon Training

I am getting into triathlon training and I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for weight training. I have been doing 3 total body sessions and 2 density session days a week but my swimming is suffering. Anybody got anything that can still get me a reasonable amount of muscle while still improving my conditioning?

1: How long a triathlon are we talking? Olympic, ironman, sprint, ultra, etc. The way you train for a 1 hour event will differ from the training for a 40 hour event. How serious are you (finish or finish near the top)?

2: What is your best time for the distance you are attempting (or for the respective events)?

3: Height and weight and possibly bodyfat percentage. Hard to give you directions without knowing where you are.

4: If you want to be a good triathlete and somewhat muscular I suggest you focus on swimming a lot. Especially since you say it’s suffering. ON the other hand, if your main goal is to look godd naked and be an awesome allround athlete, and the completion of a triathlon is secondary, do what I did: just do it. Training for it will fuck up your knees from running and your back from biking and also make your muscles more slow-twitch. I tried an olympic distance and finished in 3h41min with 15 minutes lost in transitions. The time sucks, but I finished.