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Triathlon Strength Training - Slow Twitch Specific?


Alright so I’ve been doing a bare bones, simple as can be 3x5 as a strength training supplement to my triathlon training. I haven’t really given much thought to my weight training and am really only doing it as a way to ward off injury.

I’m thinking maybe I have been doing my weight training all wrong. I’ve heard that doing low reps or ballistic power movements is great for getting your speed up, but wouldn’t it make sense to just do intervals on the bike, in the pool, and on the ground to generate power? I’m thinking there may be some merit to focusing on building up my slow twitch fibers using some higher rep ranges and volume. I’m not quite sure what style of supplementary strength training I should be doing. Thoughts anyone?


I’d worry about the added volume of high rep weight training for recovery. I think you should look at weight training as a way to build general fitness, and use triathlon training to build triathlon-specific fitness.

I think you’re on the right path with lower rep power training.