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Triathalon Diet

I have decided to start running triathalons. No, not those insane Ironman triathalons, but something more suited for the bigger guy. I am going to run in short sprint triathalons. What type of diet would suit this type of training best? I thought about the 40/30/30, because I will still be lifting and I do not like carbs very much. I respond best to a t-dawg diet, but need a little extra carbs to carry me through the endurance training. Anyone have any experience here? Also, what type of training should I do. I follow a King based strength training prog M/T/F. Run 15-30 minutes Th,Sat, Sun and sprints W. I swim 15-30 min M/Th and bike W/F 15-30 minutes. Does this look good? I know there have to be some triathaletes out there. I have become bored of only powerlifting all the time. I want to become an all around better athlete. Thanks in advance.

Yes, the 40/30/30 is probably the best approach for someone in your
situation. If you are determined to continue lifting while training for Tri’s,
you have a lot to put on your plate (not food, training). To be
successful, you will need to cycle more. In general, you need to do at
least twice the amount of time on the bike as you do on the run. This
is magnfied for beginners because cycling success relies on efficiency.
We do not naturally move our legs in smooth circular motions, so
development of effciency is a time intensive process.

Recommendations: 1) Lift twice a week, whole body. Do your sprints
on the same day you lift and alternate (lift/bike sprints Tues, lift/run
aprints Fri). You may want to de-emphasize the sprinting as LSD
technical work on the bike would be more beneficial.

  1. Cycle and run at least 3 times per week.

  2. Don’t take more than 2 days away from a discipline ex. You run
    Th/Sat/Sun. That means 3 days between Sun and Thur. Similar
    situation with the bike, but by adding a day you may remedy this.

  3. You will need to do some longer runs and rides.

See my article in the archives “Gym to Road” and references that may
be of help. Good luck