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Trial By Written Declaration


About a month ago I was driving home from Jury duty (almost got put on a 6 felony charge case that would have lasted at least 6-8 weeks), and I was in a hurry (exhausted, hungry, delirious from being in a room with over 100 people for multiple hours...just trying to get home so I could go to sleep).

I got pulled over doing 78 in a 65 zone, in light traffic, wet pavement.

My citation is $712 dollars, an absolutely stunning amount.

My last speeding ticket was about 2 years ago. I got pulled over for doing 90 in a 65 and my ticket was about $330, which all things considered...seemed fair.

I am planning on pleading not guilty by written declaration, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience/advice or information on the matter (what should I write? etc..)

Please help


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He must have gotten reckless op to go along with the speeding fine.

I would show up in court and stop trying to be cute.


The ticket sheet says "speed exceeding 65 MPH". Wouldn't it say I was being reckless if that is what I got cited for?

Why would I show up in court and give the cop a way to get paid overtime?

I live in California


yeaaaah right. get real, like those things.


Ok, do you have any advice? or are you just here to be funny?


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Yes...truly an obscene amount..

There has to be someone on this site who knows what to do, or where to direct me...anyone?


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I pleaded not guilty to my last ticket a few months ago. I'm not sure if it's the same in Ca, but here, all you have to do is sign the line that says "not guilty" on the ticket stub and show up to the magistrate's office and plead your case.


In cali all you have to do is say "not guilty" and mail it in, then pray that the cop doesn't take the time to also write a letter. If he doesn't then I get off scott free

If he does and the ticket is not dismissed, then I get a court date and can still take traffic school.


but arent you guilty?

  1. Were you clocked by radar, or laser? It should say on the ticket. Please let me know, and we'll go from there.

  2. Set it for trial. It won't go to trial anytime soon, so if you change your mind about going, you can just opt for something else.

  3. Not all cops get overtime for showing up in court. If court falls on thir day off, then yes. But, most municipalities schedule officers court day for days they are at work, so they don't have to pay overtime.

  4. Regardless.......which is mor important to you? Getting the fine eliminated / reduced, or worrying whether the cop gets paid for doing his job?


Man, that is an obscene amount for 13 over. That would be a $100 fine in PA.

Don't worry about the cop. Worry about your money. I guess things are different in CA but here you'd send your ticket after signing the "not guilty" line, go to court and hope for the best.


you CAN lose your right to go to traffic school if you try and fight the ticket in California.... Its up to the Judge's discretion


yes, best advice is to get a radar/lazer detector. one of the very best is called "Redline" by Escort. it has one of the longest ranges of any radar detector made.


How does that solve anything if the offense has already been committed?


well that may be the best alternative. best advice is dont speed.......


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I believe the ticket says radar, his writing is hardly readable.

I am not concerned about the cop getting paid for his job, I just see the connection between overtime pay and incentive to perform extra duties.

Thank you all for your responses, please keep them coming.