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Tri Tren Blend


iv just started trainging and using tri tren blend.... any1 quote me if this is a good idea or should i be taking other things with it


Lol! Yes.


can u give me a few pointers on what to use plz


what else should i be using along side tri tren????? [ also using d-boll]


can u give me a few pointers on what to use plz


looking very impressive mate... what else should i be taking with tri tren .. im currently using d-boll


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You can't fight natural selection bushy...


Seeing as I was born with Gyno and wouldn't wish upon most people: Please get yourself some Adex and keep it to hand in case you get Estrogen/prolactin related side effects which could cause you to grow breasts.

Good luck...


I would definitly have anti-e on hand for piece of mind..... plus are you cutting or are you just taking what you can get your hands on?


tri tren...what is that ace enth and hex?

plus dbol...sweet first cycle bro.

get some adex and caber as soon as possible.

put some low dose test in there like 125-175g of prop a week.

get some hcg, start shooting 250 iu twice a week until pct starts

use nolva for pct.


Do yourself a favor and do some research! There's hundreads of threads on tren. This sticky is a good noob starter thread http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/steroid_planning