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Tri-tren and Trenbolone Acetat

hi my name is owen im 31 years of age looking for help i no you will all go mad about this but please im looking for help.iv been working hard at my gym for the last year now and just wanted a bit of a kick start with my size as i have no probs getting big chest but arms just so hard to build on.so after a long look over the internet and a lot of words from i friend that has been lifting for about 10 years.

i been and got Tri-Tren 150 and Trenbolone Acetate iv been told i should take 1m of tri-tren for the first week and then after that i should take 1m of each every week.i no this is a hard steroid and im not sure i should be talking about this on here but could really do with a bit of help as i have now been told i should be running a test-e with this but the source i got these of said it is fine just to run both once a week.so would be great full if someone could help me thank you

Please convert meters to feet. This is an American website.

read the sticky about planning cycles