Tri Test 400

What do you guys think about this? I just picked up a few bottles and some deca. And I’m not to sure how to run it. It’s 50 mg tren ace 50mg tren e 50 mg tren hex test cyp 200 mg and test prop 50 mg/ml there’s a lot going on there. Would I be better off selling it and just getting some regular test?

depends on what you’re looking to cycle. If it’s a test and tren cycle then it’ll work

It should do fine, there’s a lot going on in sustanon and people like that, I would probably pin eod.

Short esters were made for ed pins, but this looks lIke it was put together to avoid that.

Wouldn’t do tren and deca if you are fond of your penis

Well I was gonna run 600 mg of test and 300 deca split into 2 shots a week. But he didn’t have any straight test so I figured I’d buy a few of these. I’ve never done tren before so I’m not sure how I’ll react. How low of a dose would you guys suggest to start off with?