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Tri. Swole


Try skull crushers with 30lbs chain on each side. Make sure to use a linker chain to allow all the chain to lay on the ground.
These are great for some serious swole. Explode up with each rep with control. Bring down with a 3-4 sec count.
Do high reps 15-20 followed by as many dips as possible. 3-4 sets 45 sec rest
Grow time!!


yo no xplodz mak u swolz 2 breh!


Hilarious troll.

I admire your posts, keep up the good work bro.


If I wear a sweet spartan helmet while doing these will I extra super strongz?


pics or gtfo


OP doing his cardio.


If I steal 30 lbs of bicycle chain and use those (explosively, of course brah) will I get as swole as I would with the linker chain?


I'm pretty sure it counts as eccentrcless quad work if you use a bicycle chain, which is fricken' awesome, cuz i mean, have you seen the quadz on some of those bike sprinters? Damn!