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Tri-O-Plex, New and Improved?



About the false labeling on tri-o-plex bars:

The 'grams labeled' in the test is different than the 'grams labeled' in the actual product.

Chef Jay's Tri-O-Plex bars: (caramel apple)

Protein: 19
Total Fat: 5.6
Saturated Fat: 1.2
Carbs: 66

GRAMS LABELED (according to the site)
Protein: 30
Total Fat: 7.0
Saturated Fat: 3.0
Carbs: 38.0

GRAMS LABELED (in the actual product I'm holding)
Protein: 30
Total Fat: 16
Sat Fat: 4.5
Carbs: 46

The test was done on 2003, so I figure the product has changed and maybe is more accurate now?

What do you guys think?


Who cares if it is accurate now.

It contain 18 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar not to mention being loaded with Soy! I think I'll just eat Ice Cream instead.


Unfortunately, I love these bars :frowning: OK, I'm sad, I know.

You are right in that those tests are old. The bars were reformulated sometime in 2004, mainly to solve their erratic shelf life (I had some that went moldy 6 months before the use by date!). After this change, the fat content went up, as did the calories (obviously).

The question is: Did they also fix the protein content to meet the claims made on the label...? I'm waiting for some new results to show up, but who knows if they will.

And yes, they do have some soy protein, but I doubt I'll start growing boobs just yet if I'm having one of these bars a week.


Personally if you are going to eat that crap, you would be better off IMO, to grab a snickers and glass of whole milk. The protein will be of better sources and at least you get real peanuts and if your eating CRap it might as well taste good.

For a bar though I personally dont eat them often. I would go with Grow! bars. They taste damn good and lack all the Schtuff that makes the above mentioned bar worthless. They will take a larger part in my diet once Grad studies start again in a month.

Or eat an apple, Grow! milk or both, and a fistfull of mixed Nuts.

Hope that helps,


Doubt but not sure.

You are willing to gamble this and the bevy of other reported sides, go for it. Not worth it to me.


Unfortunately, I'm stuck with a 3 boxes that my Dad bought for me.

Oh well, at least I can sorta be reassured by the fact that Ervin Gainer eats em. Oh, they tri-o-plex bars were recommended in the latest issue of Men's Healt MUSCLE as well. lol

(never really did get why everyone here seems to dump on men's health and men's fitness)


I still think they taste nice, so go for "fortunately" mate, don't be ashamed. :slightly_smiling:

Just that fact would probably make lots of T-Nationers throw them away, even if they were a present. LOL

I think it's because they're written for the average man, that doesn't want to be too commited with being fit and strong. Most people here take their fitness very seriously.

Personally, I find Men's Fitness to be very funny in the way they write stuff; at least the British version?