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Tri-Fitness Scale

hey i got thsi scale for like 80 bux and it tells u body fat weight water % and muscle mass. i checked yesterday around like 6 oclock and it said i was at 14.3 and i checked this morning right when i woke up it said 15.1 and i checked 3 hours later (ate breakfast and got a little more hydrated) it said 13.4…how do i get an accurate reading

You wasted 80 bucks.

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
…how do i get an accurate reading[/quote]

calipers, for like 8 bucks

I got a scale for like five bucks and it tells me my weight. The rest I can eyeball and get close.

Those scales work by passing a mild electric current through your body and measuring your conductivity, then estimating your bf% based on a pre-determined formula (which will be less accurate for some people than for others). You can vary the results by taking a shower, breaking a sweat, or even flexing hard (try it).

In absolute terms, I’d take any reading with a few percentage points’ grain of salt. If you take the measurement at the same time each day, however, and under the same conditions, the scale could give you a decent idea of relative changes in your bf. So could a mirror. The hydration function is intriguing, potentially useful – but you can get that from glancing at your piss.

I actually have a scale like yours (though mine was only $30). The weight really is the most useful (and accurate) part, though.