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Trevor Smith

Anyone ever met or had any dealings with this guy? I met this fella at the 2002 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas. I had visited his web-site and had gotten the feeling he was a compassionate, good willed ambassodor(so to speak) of bodybuilding, you know all around cool guy. Anyway, meeting him was the absolute low-point of the event. Very sullen, and unfriedly, this was even after I had purchased 100.00 worth of products from him. My girlfriend had even lesser dealings with him, yet came away with a worse opinion than myself. I’m not trying to caste dispersions against Trevor, I’m just trying to figure out if I misjudged the guy or caught him on a bad day. On a positive note meeting Chad Nichol’s wife(kicking myself for not recalling her name) a former Miss O. was a highpoint. We BS’t about her role in “The Cell”, an absolute sweetheart. I know, I know, more late night WTF ramblings.
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