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Trevor Smith Footage


Came across this today although it was published last January.

I never saw footage of Trevor training. He was written about in T-Nation's old Dead Pool series.

Highly doubt he would hit the stage in competitive condition at THREE SEVENTY FIVE as his former wife alluded.


Not impressed. Given his writings, I was expecting total mayhem.


Stage weight at 275 is probably way more accurate.


Awesome, thanks for posting this!

Yeah, agreed. If he was close to 400 in that video, then he'd be considerably less than 375 in contest condition. Still a massively strong, big, and intense dude though.


You're welcome.

As infinite_shore said, from the way the guy spoke, I really was expecting more, perhaps along the lines of 500+ pound full range squats for reps, or if not that, at least some monstrous poundages on the leg press and hack squat with decent form, and legs that would make most pros envious. This is not to discredit what the guy does--this is simply lifting weights and I can't take it so damn seriously that I'm going to give unrelenting criticism for a deceased man--but I was expecting much more and what I see are two inch ROM machine squats and soft legs without any appreciable shape or size for a man who's supposedly 400 pounds with outrageous strength.


So...you posted one video of Trevor Smith to say bad things about him?

The guy was obsessed with overall size hitting over 400lbs at one point. He was never a real name in bodybuilding and never claimed to be.


I highly doubt the intent of the thread was to discredit the deceased, merely I believe to express surprise in viewing actual footage and finding that despite various claims and rumors over the years, he wasn't as inhumanly strong, or close to solid (lean) as some would have had people believe. That's all I got out of it anyway.



This is ONE video. Once again, this man died...so trying to make him look weak by only looking at one video is doing what again?

OH....just expressing surprise...because this one workout is the example of everything he ever did.




Also, i call bullshit on that 400 lbs. Markus Ruhl is 400 lbs off season, this guy looks half that size.


This must be more of that expression of surprise that Stu was talking about....nothing negative...just expressin' surprise.


At the risk of sounding like a tool....

I met him at Gold's Gym Venice. He was inhumanly large. Tall, tree trunk of a man. Perhaps he appears less large because he didn't have the widest structure but from the side he looked like he could block the sun. Enormous arms and quads. That video does NOT do him justice.

And he was throwing some serious weight around. He was training chest and I was asked to spot him on 150lb flies with which he die 12 perfect reps and another 4 with me assisting him. He wanted to do more but I simply could not continue spotting him with that kind of weight.
He mentioned that normally he would have his partners move the weight up and than he would lower the weight for 12 seconds for another 4 reps.

He was a bit miffed I could not move 300lbs back into position :slightly_smiling:


That is odd considering this thread seemed to be about how weak he was.

SO...he wasn't weak....and was actually fucking huge and 400lbs.

I guess that should quell the "expression of surprise".


I guess that failed, huh?


Maybe you are correct. In that video he did not look particularly massive (by O level bodybuilding standards) but i also wasnt aware that he was that tall.


LOL leave it to you to take the slightest disagreeable remark and run away with it.


Care to provide these "bad things" said? Feel free to quote.


Did anyone say he was? Feel free to use exact quotes.

Yes, he was a large man, but I don't believe he was 400 pounds. That OK with you?

Is OK with you to be surprised upon seeing footage that doesn't line up with someone's talk?


I guess that failed, huh?


How is disbelieving someone is 400 pounds or being surprised that someone who claimed outrageous development and strength feats didn't live up to his words?


God, Brick don't get sucked into his retarded let's-stir-some-shit-to-get-attention routine again.

I think the Trevor thing comes down to the fact that there are always people that just "want to believe".