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Trestolone Acetate


I've searched around for info on this drug with little success. I've become interested in it since I have access to it now at a pretty decent price. I don't plan on using it anytime soon because i'm about to start my first cycle, but I'm very interested to hear someones thoughts who has actually used it. It is also called "MENT".

for those of you who don't know, apparently it is most similar to trenbolone in effect and potency, except with the ability to aromatize. It supposedly can be run alone and is about as strong as tren per mg. I don't know if it has the same sides as tren (the insomnia, night sweats, and anxiety for some) but thats definitely something i like to ask someone who tried it.

so if anyone has tried this compound or plans to try it soon please chime in.

oh, and chemically it's similar to cheque drops without the hepatoxicity, so it probably has a pronounced effect on aggresion


I've never heard of it and I'm a little skeptical...


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i'm surprised you haven't heard of it BBB. it's definitely a real compound, it was being tested as a male contraceptive when it was made, because it shuts you down hard, and allows conversion to estrogen, and produces much better results per mg then testosterone.

maybe i'll try it after awhile, and do a detailed log... i don't think theres any on the web


There's one UGL that makes a bunch of weird stuff. Cheque drops, oral tren, stenbolone, intramuscular 1-test, bolasterone, MHN (Methylhydroxynandrolone), THG, methandriol, and trestolone.

Does anyone have expierence with this UGL? Also, just wondering, has anyone used any of those steroids? I'm specifically interested in hearing about cheque drops, stenbolone, oral tren, and IM 1-test. Cheque drops or oral tren seem good for PWO only.

As far as using trestolone, I don't know if it's good or not. But, some of those steroids definitely have progesteronic activity. I know THG does, I'm not sure if trestolone does or doesn't. THG was actually made from a progesterone agonist (birth control). Some of those steroids also make a lot of estrogen. If you decide to use it, I would start off with low doses and an acetate ester.


I've never used stenbolone but have long been interested in it due to its being nonaromatizing, non-metabolized by 5-AR, and proven in use including with the recommendation by Dan Duchaine that it was his personal favorite steroid on account of favorable psychological properties.

Oddly, it actually was not a controlled substance in the United States until recently. We gave quite serious thought to researching it to see if an orally bioavailable derivative would work well and be suitable for customer use, but as it wasn't DSHEA-compliant (it can't be legitimately argued to be anything but a synthetic drug) whereas 17b-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one (A1-E) was and we found our derivative to be effective and suitable when in combination with 4-AD-EC, we went with the latter.


Experimental male contraceptive, still in testing. I'm kind of surprised that it's already being sold by UGLs.


It seems to me that decision to sell some items has more to do with there being someone in China offering it cheap than to anything else.


Incidentally, I really doubt that the Wikipedia entry is accurate -- and btw I am not one of those that assumes Wikipedia to be inaccurate.

I doubt this drug was "developed by the Population Council." It may now be touted by them and perhaps they have funded it recently in some way, but I read about this drug years ago, with MENT not being a "brand name" as claimed but simply the abbreviation, and the intent was not contraception.

Its degree of suppression, relative to anabolic effect, is now being turned into a selling point instead of a drawback. That is clever marketing. There was no market for new steroid anabolics anyway.


I cant believe no one here has tried it... you can find it from reputable online pharmacies as easy as anything else. maybe no one has tried it BECAUSE of the lack of info on it.

I'd definitely like to try a low dose of it and make a detailed log. It's only available to me with an acetate ester so I can cease use if any bad sides show up. In fact I would like to run it alone for a couple weeks first before adding in orals or test... just to see how it stacks up against test

Bill Roberts do you know if this drug is any more suppressive then tren? or if it has any activity at the progesterone receptor?


I don't have a reason to conclude it is more suppressive than trenbolone actually is, which may be different than what a given person attributes to trenbolone.

Trenbolone is highly suppressive while in the system, with a veterinary-literature value being 3x as suppressive per mg as testosterone and practical experience seeming to me that it is suppressive down to at least the 12.5 mg/day level -- I have not tried lower than this nor do I know anyone who has -- and probably still partially suppressive then. However once it has cleared the system there is no lingering suppressive effect at all.

I have no way to know whether trestolone may or may not be more or less suppressive than that while in the system.

Also I don't have anything at all on whether it may have lingering effects on recovery as nandrolone for some reason (not simply length of ester) does.

I just really don't know why it would be chosen over compounds that are thoroughly proven in bb'ing and strength training.


Also, I don't have any information on whether it has progestagenic activity.

Structure-activity relationships with anabolic steroids actually tend to be problematic. There are a number of things that are known: certain substitions abolish activity, and certain others tend to increase potency. It's generally predictable whether a compound will aromatize or not, or be reduced by 5-AR or not. But in general, side effects other than these are determined only in the body or in some cases in cell culture.

With that caveat said, the combination of 7-alpha methyl substitution and the estr-4-en skeletal structure would make it a reasonable probability (not a sure thing) that 7-MENT is progestagenic.

If it is more inhibitory per mg than trenbolone, that would be the most likely reason why.