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Trest vs Test for TRT


I havent posted much on here but I have been on RX TRT at 200mg per week for nearly 2 years now and recently lost my job and no longer have insurance. I have to cut my dose in half to make the remaining Test Cyp that I had on hand last for 6 months or so at 100mg every 6 days. I was reading where some have subbed Trest ace or deconate in place of test with good results and no sides. I was wondering if anyone had any input on this and if so what would be a decent TRT dose of Trest Decanate per week and would you advise this at least until I can get a Job and some insurance.



My insurance does not cover my Test. I do however get a discount. Without the discount and no insurance I can get 10ml of Test C from walgreens for $100. You can also find coupons that will bring it down to around $45



The problem is my doctor no longer works there and the new doctor won't write the rx with out blood work and without insurance all of this is really pricey while no job I need another option


No DHT and other problems. If you are getting gear, get a normal testosterone ester.


Like KSman said. Stick with Test C or E. Well it sound like your going to go for gear. Your not going to get that info from here. I would look at lef.org to get your own blood testing done. You can get some of the test done for around $75 to $100. In google do a search for "test domestic source" you may find what you are looking for. Good luck.


No definitely not looking for anything illegal as Trestolone acetate or decorate can be purchased completely legally. I was just looking for something that would work like test and heard quite a few folk claim that trestolone worked and felt just like test.


Those substances sound like a total train wreck! Don't do that shit.


Well I found a doctor who accepts patients with out insurance that is reasonable in cost that does the blood work in house so hopefully they will prescribe me my dose