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Trensomnia Real Bad

Hey bros having some fierce Trensomnia… Tried 10mg melatonin, & other vitamins but nothing kills it down. Bassically Im just haveing short bursts of sleep like a cat.
Currently running 50mg tren ace daily
50mg winny daily
100mg test cyp 2x weekly
Caber .25 , 2x week
Anastrozle .25 2x week
Hcg as needed
Really looking for a way not to have to use chems to sleep. I have zanz but really dont wanna use them. My mood is bad enough on tren dont need gas on the fire.

For sleep I use 0.1mg of clonodine it’s a blood pressure med so don’t take it if you have low BP issues. But I rather use that then shit like ambien and Xanax.

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I used a 5% nutrition product called “Knocked the F^&* Out” that kinda took the edge off my Trensomnia but even it never truly delivered a great night’s sleep. That’s part of the curse of that bitch called Tren…that and not being able to walk up stairs without breathing heavy.

Grrr Tren love the results but hate journey

I have sleeping issues period. After deployment they escalated. On tren…

I use a rotation of a couple different things. First melatonin but that is actually habit forming. Second valerian root, if you only use it once in a blue moon it can hit you like Xanax or valium. Also rotate Benadryl if you get the gel caps they tend to kick in better than the tablets. The last one is unisom now some of them are just Benadryl but they have the orange colored box that has the same sleep aid as found in NyQuil.

I found if I rotate them and only use one for a few nights then if I have to use a different one for a few nights then I don’t build a tolerance. Doing that along with extra hours in the gym seems to keep things manageable for me. I hope something in this helps you, I know all too well how shitty not sleeping is.

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Thanks bro I will try these… I totally get throwing a new compound at it & keeping the body guessing. Yea sleep has been horrible & when I sweat I smell like a farm animal. However 2 weeks into cycle & fats melting off… people around me noticing gainz. Mood has been shit but I know tren is a rage machine so I’m limiting social interactions & keep cycle short. So if I can just keep peddle to metal 6 more weeks I’ll hit goal or be damn close it will be worth it. The love hate relationship with Tren continues :unamused:

I love to hate how much I love hating the sides from tren. (I end up using beach towels on my bed towards the end of my tren runs, I can soak three or four of them a night but I know that means fat is melting so…) The results; I love to hate how much I love them.

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Had sleep issues all my life. Tried everything OTC and a few pharma options. Magnesium helped. Ditto Benadryl. Hated how groggy I was the next day, but it worked in a pinch.

Do we know how tren causes insomnia? If we had an idea of the mechanism of action it would be easier to treat it. I assume it’s a dopamine issue that interferes with serotonin then something something something.

I believe it’s due to cns stimulation. I’m not sure if that answer to that’s just what I remember reading somewhere once upon a time.

I wonder why no one has mentioned phenibut (is that the name?) iv never used it and know very little as I said I use clonodine (catapress) prescribed by my doc to avoid habit forming drugs which I think I heard phenibut can be habit forming not sure

So phenibut is supposed to be good, but from my experience it’s a little hit and miss. I tried it a few times and didn’t get repeatable results. One night it was great for sleep, another night it was detrimental. That sort of thing. I say if it can help to try it, but it’s habit forming or at least adjacent to habit forming, based on the anecdotes out there. Sadly there’s no good science on the thing beyond the few stray studies out there that are somewhat unreliable.

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Luckily I. Dont get that but I get up to pee like every 3hrs… But sweat like a beast in temps over 72… Luckily i sleep in a basement so its cool & dry…maybe try some fans or crank up AC…

Consider decreasing your test dose to 100-150mg a week. That should help.


Iv read endlessly about low test especially on tren cycles. And the few buddies I know who have much more experience then me in gear swear by almost always using low test in every cycle and blasting other compounds that are much more effective at building muscle etc. I saw you post on another thread the other day that you don’t like to run high test anymore what exactly about it don’t you like?

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The aromatisation, bloating, water retention, mental sides due to uncontrolled E. The list is endless.

In my opinion, only a tiny dose of test is needed to maintain normal function while you blast more anabolic compounds which do a much better job of putting on mass and strength.

I just find the bloated and round high test physiques un-aesthetic.


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That’s exactly what my buddies are always preaching. He even calls testosterone “cheap and dirty” nice to find someone here with the same view being as how pro test this forum is.

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I agree.

I read somewhere also that all these sides we see now including acne/backne and bloating is due to high test cycles which were not the norm in the ‘golden era’.

I’ve been on some forums where the ‘test has to be a base for every cycle’ is preached as gospel, yet when you ask them why they have no answer.

I’m the biggest and most aesthetic I have ever been and I have not gone over 250mg of Test since I started TRT 3 years ago.


Very true.

I have a few cycles planned for the next year and all have a trt dose of test at 200. It will be interesting to Compare how I feel on those vs blasting test at 750mg/week.

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I’d love to run low test/high something else, except there’s no something else that I would be willing to take. That’s my issue. For a lot of us test is free of side effects (for the most part) and it is predictable. For you it’s not. Believe me, based on my short but enjoyable run of nandrolone at therapeutic doses I would love to run it for a long time and really reach my goals. But the risks seem like more than I’m willing to accept. You know what i mean?

What about primo? The second cycle I have planned for later this year is a low test high primo/mast cycle. Primo seems to be relatively low sides and not to hard on body. (granted of course you have legit primo)

I think you’ll certainly enjoy the low test cycles bro. @zeek1414

Also, you’ll love Primo. I used it in my last cycle at 800mg/week, I literally had no sides and gains were very lean and dry and it really helped me understand what people mean when they say “keepable” gains. I only lost a couple pounds when I came off. It just takes a long time to kick in, I would say i noticed its effects from the 8th week onwards.

@iron_yuppie I get you. As zeek suggested, can you not get a hold of Primo? It was an epic cycle for myself. Have you considered orals? Anavar at higher doses for short periods of time is also amazing.


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