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Trenfactor vs Golden Triangle

Last cycle I did Trenfactor (TF) Tren (plus other stuff) and this cycle I am doing Golden Triangle(GT) Tren and GT Test Ethanate.

I believe the TF was possibly more potent in that I had more oily skin, more vivd dreams, and sleep was disrupted more. Of course, it could be my body is more tolerant.

On the metalic taste one gets with Tren - I only got that for the first two injections of TF Tren (doing ED for 6 weeks), and haven’t gotten it at all for GT.

Finally, the GT definitely has a higher BA content, for both the Tren and Test I believe. Injection sites are red and slightly puffy, more so than normal. Not as bad as I get from some test prop I have done in the past, but definitely more soreness than with TF.

never used TF but i am liking the GT i am on now. prop/EQ. adding tren/winny in a few weeks.

The high BA content in Golden Triangle is ridiculous - you are having no problems Drago? I shot 2cc of their test eth in my thigh 5 days ago and it still hurts badly! Even the tren has high BA content. I must be overly sensitive, but the soreness is degrading my workouts.

it is absolutey high in BA. that is why i cut my gear. i like its potency so i want to use it. cutting it will take all your problems away bro. you will doing squats tomorrow!

Cut it Katphan. I imagine Drago either cuts it with sterile oil or with his EQ.

Thanks for the feedback guys - I will search for how to cut, this is first I’ve really ever heard of it. If you cut, doesn’t that lessen the potency?

By the way, I did my first shot on the 16th, today is the 22d and I couldn’t even begin to think of doing squads. How long will this pain continue? It has lessened, but like, has went from a 10, to 9, now to 7 or 8 on a pain threshold. Ridiculous.

drago are you just cutting with the eq bro? because of not thats a whole lot of oil. btw ill bet his 400mg/ml test feels real nice on the ass!

i cut it 1 for 1. and yes that makes for a lot of oil. thats the only down side. some days i have to do multiple injections to get it all in. one of the products i am on now is GT’s 200/ml prop. burns like a bitch so i have to cut it. right now i just do EOD, 1cc prop/1cc eq/1cc sterile oil. loaded together. makes it painless. i will be adding tren/winny in 2 weeks. the tren will have to be a spot injection. the winny is oral.

The GT test Eth I am doing is 250mg/Ml and yes, it burns. The Tren does too.