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Trenbone Acetate Cycle

Next week, I plan on doing a 7 week cycle of Trenbolone Acetate at 50mg per day. Currently, I am 175 pounds at 13% bodyfat, at a height of 5’7". I am looking to add about five pounds of muscle while losing some bodyfat I don’t plan on cutting cals too much-I will eat 2800 - 3000 kcals/day of clean food. I usually drink 16oz of gatorade while lifting and then slam a maltodextrin/whey drink postworkout with a ratio of 80g carbs/40 g protein. I have had problems in the past with overtraining, especially CNS fatigue.

Will I need to stack tren with a Class II such as Anadrol or DBol or will tren alone be sufficient? I have never tried tren, so let me know what you all think. I also have access to Deca, which would be another option.

My last cycle worked reasonably well using only 500mg/wk Sust 250, although I had to take a week off in the middle of the eight week cycle because I was feeling flat and tired. I did gain 20 pounds though. My diet is SOLID. and CLEAN. I eat 15+ kcals per pound of weight.

I would add test

My advise for a kick ass cycle would be: Tren, deca, and dbol, if you got them get ready to grow!

as long as your goals are just to add a few lbs of lbm while cutting, tren only is plenty. i have done it in the past myself with awesome results. if your looking to pack on some serious lbm then no tren only is not the way to go.

Yes, that’s what I am thinking-I just want to drop my bodyfat down to 5-7%. I have heard of good results from people using only tren. I was thinking of adding Cytomel during the last two weeks, but I am worried that I won’t be able to drink enough water to keep my kidneys happy.