I am 30 years,185 lbs with 9% bodyfat and 5’10. I would like you to send me a good receipe for the stuff that i got. The problem is that i just have 4 weeks for it. I know that i dont have enough time to have a good cycle but it is all that i can have!!!

Here we go!
Tren (Finaplix Gold)
Uni-Vet suspention


What’s the rush, chief? Why only four weeks? You didn’t give us much info about yourself, your goals, years training, etc.

My initial answer to you is to take it easy, learn a LOT more, and don’t be so hasty to jump to the dark side with your lack of knowledge about aas. Generally around here, we (myself at least) don’t tell you exactly what to do, but help you with your own ideas.

If you can’t come up with a basic cycle for yourself, I won’t write one out for you. Maybe someone else will. I’m not flaming you at all, so don’t take it that way. I’m just trying to inform.

we need to get an auto rsponder for newbie questions.

something like:

we appreciate you frequenting our site and asking our advice. we would be more than happy to help you if you would do a few things for us first. A) do some research of your own. B) read the steroid newbie thread. please return after you complete A and B.

             Thank You, 
             T-Mag Vets. 


You don’t mention anything about anti-e’s or recovery aids. Do you have any? If not then you need find out alot more first.

About my background i think that i have a good skill in aas. I did few cycles in the past like sust. d-bol, bionabol, winstrol ect… and everythings works well for me. I started training 7 years ago and i was 137 lbs with 8% fat (i was professionnal athlete cross-country skiing). Now i work for the goverment and i am personnal trainer in a big gym for now 3 years.

When i was at school i did 3 years in laboratory technician and i studies human biology at university. So i can easily understand if you talk about aromatize or half-life of a product ect…

I have to go in Irak in half-february ,( so i cant take my stuff with me there). My job there is Bodyguard for an important person, it is why i want to take 10 pounds or more…The problem is that i will have a little surgery in half january and everytime we take stuff we got high blood pressure and i dont want it. so after my surgery it give me only one month.

I have an idea how to take it but it will be my first time on Tren. and i dont know how many time it will take before it works. I was planning to keep it until i come back and just take test. 1000mg/week and 40 mg of D-bol/day and take 20mg/day of Nolvadex during it.

You know i didnt wanted to wrote as much about me… i hope it will help you to figure what kind of men i am.

By the way excuse me for my poor english, i am french.

you should be able to get your 10 lbs. with mag-10

The word is that Finiplex Gold is shit - it is underdosed garbage

You will put on 10lbs while on your 4 week cycle and then crash while in Iraq. Trust me, travelling around the middle east is not conducive to training or recovery. I would think being a bodyguard in Iraq would be very difficult while recovering from a Tren cycle. Take Mag10 with you and try that 12 capsules twice a week regimen that was mentioned this week.

Have you tried masturbation? I know a lot of guys put on pounds that way.