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Trenbolone & Testosterone Cycle


I’m planning my first AAS cycle and have done a good amount of research and have decided that I want to do a trenbolone & testosterone cycle. I have a few questions and I would appreciate if someone could give me advice. Keep in mind I’m looking to put on a good amount of size whilst not putting on any/minimal amounts of fat. I also want to keep the side effects of both, especially trenbolone, to a minimum. I have realistic goals I want to reach, not looking for anything crazy i.e to put on 20/30lb and be at 6% bf lolz. My questions are…?

What are the best varieties of tren and test to run together?
Should I start tren with test on the first week or should I start it 2 weeks in and have my last tren injection be 2 weeks before my last test injection?
If I’m only running 200mg of tren and 500mg of test a week do I need anything else during cycle to combat the side effects or will I avoid any of the harsh side effects at such low dosages?

I’m thinking my cycle will look something like this:

Weeks 1-12 500mg of test a week (I’ll do once a week if enanthate or twice a week at 250mg if cyp or propionate)

Start of Week 3 - end of week 10 200mg of trenbolone ((again if enanthate i’ll do twice a week 100mg each injection, if acetate I’ll do eod (4 times a week ish) and split it into 50mg injections))

Pct I’m thinking to start it 2 weeks after the last test injection and will look like this:

Clomid @ 75mg ED week 1. 50mg ED week 2. 50mg ED week 3. 50mg ED week 4
Nolvadex @ 40mg ED week 1. 20mg ED week 2. 20mg ED week 3. 20mg ED week 4

Also will I need to run an AI? (aromasin/arimidex)
Will I need HCG during cycle?
Should I do both nolva and clomid as I’ve planned or should I do something else?

Guys I’m not entirely knowledgeable in this department and need your serious help.

I would be grateful if anyone would answer my questions.

I would be extremely grateful if someone wrote out a detailed cycle plan for me that would be amazing, but it’s okay if you can’t as I understand it can take a lot of time.

Thanks in advance!!


If you’ve done any research you would know that many guys wont to deal with guys wanting to do Tren as their very 1st cycle
You don’t give your age, training history or anything really
The only thing you’ve said is that you’re not very knowledgeable about ancillaries; not good!
Tren is a highly debated drug. Whether you need caber or prami for progesterone gyno (if that even exists)… tren to test ratios…
It gets praised by many as being a great drug so I see the appeal but I’d stay away from it.



Here is my non expert opinion gainsordietryin. Nice user name by the well. Speaks volumes.

I would remove the trenbolone. You really have no clue how your body will react to increasing your bodies testosterone levels to supra physiological levels.

I ran 500 mgs of test enanthate my first time and two weeks in I had the first panic attack of my life. Granted my E2 levels were nearly twice that of the max of the suggested range because I was not taking an AI. Which was intentional mind you. I wanted to see how my body would react and perhaps I could avoid an AI. The less compounds you take manipulating your bodies chemistry the better.

So just run the test. That should be sufficient to make serious gainz. There wasn’t any tren back in the 70’s and those guys were pretty yoked.

Also for 500 mgs even if enanthate or cyp. I would pin twice. There half lives are not that different. You could run anastrazlole at .25 mg eod and see if that prevents estrogen sides. Personally I would rather let my E2 climb and as soon as my nips get sensitive to start dosing to reduce it. I would rather have it a little high at first and lower it then crash it and not know for sure if I did. I’ve crashed my e2 and wasn’t even been able to tell.

As for PCT. I read an interesting write up in regards to a conversation someone had with a doctor. In the write up the doc suggest 8 shots of 2500 iu hcg after cycle EOD. 20 mgs of nolvadex for 45 days and 50 mgs of climid twice a day 12 hours apart.

I personally after being on for like a year at a trt dose did small dose of nolva for a month and and had decent recovery. Could have been better but the docs suggestion seems pretty thorough. HCG stimulates the leydig cells in the testes. Those produce testosterone in presence of lutenizing hormone as well as a few other hormones. LH is shutdown during cycle as well as follicle-stimulating hormone whose primary function I believe is in to help promote that maturation of sperm. LH and FSH are hormones (gonadotropin hormones) produced in the pituitary gland in your brain. Clomid and Nolvadex are SERMS. Selective estrogen receptor modulators which block estrogen receptors of the pituitary gland I believe and thus promote the bodies own production of gonadotropin hormones (LH,FSH). So a combo of HCG clomid and nolva could help kick start your HPTA.

Tren is a progesterone and I am honestly not very knowledgeable myself in how it effects recovery. I’ve heard more stories of people running a progesterone based steroid and not being able to recover way more often then I’ve read about people running test and not being able to recover.

By the way all of the above information is available via WebMD and a myriad of threads all over the internet. Not that I minded sharing my two cents with you. Just letting you know there is a lot of great stuff out there.


To answer some questions I missed out…

I’m 21, I casually lifted from the age of 14/15 onwards but ever since I was 18 I’ve taken it extremely seriously. My discipline is bodybuilding. I’m 170cm 82kg. I have a decent amount of size and strength but looking to take my physique and training to the next level. Also I have never taken any performance drug of any sort ever.