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Trenbolone + Stanozolol + Sust =?

Hello Champions!

This is my very first post here

brief intro: I am 25yo, 2yr exp, 190lb. Did 2 cycles so far (tried things like dbol,sust,stan,bold,tbol). Do 204lb bench.

I am planning to run my 3rd cycle of magic spells.My goal is to get quality muscle: gain muscles and loose fat. This is ultimate goal any of us for sure. The last cycle I did was a bulking one Sust+Bold+Dbol. I was happy with muscle gain and strength however it was a bit frustrating to have this chubby appearance considering water retention. Thus I am aiming to get lean mass this time because I dont want to be a summo boy around the summer time.

Just recently I was reading “Anabolics 9th Ed” by W.Llewelyn. I found a plethora of important information of how to conduct proper cycling in terms of dosages and principles of usage.

I found this ultimate stack: TREN+STAN+MAST ( please see screenshot)

However I am thinking to have Sust250 instead of Mast (since I have it in my storage already and the only thing to get would be tren).

So gentlemens, the questions comes: Have you ever tried the cycle TREN+SUST+STANOZOLOL?
What are the results?

2 cycles + 145lb bench = troll

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Thanks for being attentive. I was a bit tired writing this post. My actual bench is 204lb
Sorry for this

My main question remains

that’s still an embarrassing bench for after 2 cycles, but whatevs.

Anyway, you would want to use test. Neither winny, mast nor tren aromatise, so you’ll feel like like shit.

You wouldn’t even need to use much test if you didn’t want to, but you need at least a little aromatisation for lots of reasons.

Also, in your table you have proviron listed instead of mast. I dunno if that was deliberate or what, but mesterolone is proviron, not masteron, so you may want to rethink that.

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Thank you for your response. Yes you are absolutely right about proviron, that was my ignorance.

Following your words this stack of Sust+Tren+Stan would be good. Hopefully I would not convert into a chubby-bobby again.

Why 204lb is embarrassing after 2 cycles? You mean its poor gain or a lot? (sorry I am not English native speaker). Considering my weight 190lb my bench ratio is more than 1 and I thought it is a good sign.

Please enlighten me
Thank you once again for your relies

Also very important: can I mix Tren+Sust into the one shot im?