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Trenbolone Messed Up My Breathing a Year Ago

Hi Guys,

I did a cycle a year ago, trenbolone, and everything was good. after a few weeks the breathing got bad. I kept at it cause i read it comes back to normal after you stop.

I eventually got off, it took months for it to get better, but is still not back to normal. I get winded pretty easily.

I was wondering if anyone has any helpful information on the topic.


I experienced “Tren Lungs” quite badly when I went up to 1g per week…

I was also eating too much food including 2 red meet meals per day and no cardio.

Now I do morning cardio, eat less food and train even harder… No more Tren lungs.

It is probably your general health and fitness level tbh.

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thanks andyjones,

yeah my cardio isn’t up there, but never ever ever been this hard to breath.

I have read on many posts how some peoples breathing gets screwed, and i have read how a few have never recuperated.

wondering if any body know of cases like these.


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Went to ER in February with chest pain and bad wheezing. I was 7 weeks in on Tren E and up to 800 from 600 the previous weeks. Raised white blood cell count and what appeared to be the start of a pneumonia in my left lung (which was causing the chest pain). Every time I got out of breath that week, I coughed until I almost choked. I’m not sure if it was dose dependent (never went above 600/wk before that) or just a mix of the weather but antibiotics for a week starting with IV version in ER killed the last 3 weeks of a beautiful thing …

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clen helps with this

clen? i think stacking clen and tren is a recipe for a stroke.

i think a better option would be albuterol or ephedrine…

ephedrine spikes BP just the same just not as long acting. Im more comfortable on clen, and it really opens up my breathing. Lots of people do tren and clen, not saying its healthy choice, but it will help your breathing. Just watch BP (buy monitor) and have PRN BP meds (prescribed) available. But yea Albuterol is probably better, just won’t burn fat like clen LOL… but thats not what the OP is worried about so I digress LOL

well, since the BP spike isn’t as long acting as clen, it’s not the same. part of the issue with high blood pressure is the constant elevation and the effect on vascular and cardiac tissue.

since cen’s half life is 30+ hours and ephedrine’s is 4-6 hours, one could use ephedrine once a day and see very little side effects…

but yeah, if BP is an issue, then you should monitor it and take something to treat it, as well. i believe Mr Walkway has had a lot of luck with cialis for that…

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