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Trenbolone Enanthate?


5'8 171@11%BF goal is to be 185@9%
3000 Calories/day

I have an opportinuity to buy some Trenbolone Enanthate, I'm not familar with this, never used it...Do I need to stack another Test with it or Kickstart with Dbol???

Or should i just stick with good old Tren75 and stack it with Test-E or C????? And how much do I run a week???...my last cylce I ran 400mg/Test-E and 200mg/EQ very quality gains 11 pounds kept weight lost the water which is ok with me...


Tren can be very tricky. Some people do not react well when on it. If this is your first time with tren I would suggest you run Tren A shot ED, it is shorter acting and if you develop bad sides you will be able to come off it sooner than the E.

Either way be sure to stack it with test. A 5/3 test to tren ratio is usually recommended. I like tren a lot and will be using test/tren/dbol for my next cycle, but I also have substancial experience with all of these compounds from past cycles.


Yep it's great stuff but the sides can be miserable...for me greatly reduced cardio capacity,always hot, not night sweats just always hot,which of course relates to an almost vampire like sensitivity to sun, and aggression,which I am discovering on my current cyle, not greater workouts mind you I am just an asshole and extremely moody all the time,definetely one to be careful with!


Tren can and will shut your nuts down like none other. Be careful bro. I would couple some sort of test with this compound.



I'm going to be running a cycle of tren enanthate and test enanthate in a couple of weeks from now. Be sure to have an AI to curb the progesterone sides that may show up when the Test aromatizes to estrogen. Also gaining 15 pounds may be tough when only getting 3000 cals, unless that works for you, but it seems low. You should definately be able to cut the body fat though.


I've done 3 cycles where I incorporated Tren E, and each time I noticed a considerable loss of fat (even though I was taking in ~4200 calories/day). Despite that, strength gains were never any more impressive than a moderate Test cycle could equally do (results showing sooner, mind you). Tren can work miracles for some people, but others including myself only mildly react to it.

Choose wisely.


Has anyone used Metanabol(dbol) 10mg Tabs from British Dragon??? And if so how did you like them and what was your dosage and how long did you do them, thinking of using them to kickstart my Test-E, Tren cycle.


An AI doesn't do anything for progesterone sides. AI's inhibit estrogen. If you effectively control the estrogen you will lower your chances of progesterone being a problem with respect to gyno.

To control progesterone, you should take vitamin B6, or cabergoline.


This thread rather shocked me. Pretty much consisted of "ive done no research and thinking about using this, can you guys lay it out for me so i dont have to worry about puttin the effort in.

But hey others bit, so I may as well give my 2 cents as well. I konw tren ace shuts me down hard and fast, assuming tren E would be rather close to the same just possibly taking a bit longer. Definately incorportate it with test in a ratio similar to what was mentioned above.

You mentioned 3000 cals. A lot of us while on a cycle will consume that by lunch. However you didnt mention your planned nutrient breakdown. If its 40 pro, 40 fat and 20 carb and your nutrient timing is correct you may be on the right track for your outlined goals.


No I should have mentioned 3000cals is my maintenance diet, hahaha I aim for atleast 5000/day on gear...protein 2gms/ppbw, carbs 1gm/ppbw...I have always had a problem dialing in my diet...

You seem very knowledgeable lillguy, can you refer me to a good website for getting me the diet I need, I get lost in cyberspace for hours...I'm not lazy, just computer retarded, I'm lucky to be on this site.

Thx bro...p.s. I have friends in Fort McMurray, tells me the drugs are crazy out there cause everyone makes so much money.


Tren E sapped my energy, made it difficult to breathe and general sucked balls..for me. Tren A, kicked ass, made me agressive as hell and made the weight feel light. So it just depends. Conventional wisdom as pointed out is to go with the tren a since its a shorter ester. I would always run test, but there are many I have seen post that ran tren only cycles.


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