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Trenbolone Enanthate Still Snaking Around

Been about 2 and a half weeks since my last tren ject, and I still feel it lingering in my system. Not as bad as it was by far, but still fucking with me just enough to get under my skin. Hopefully its on its last legs. Sad too, I hear about good tren work for most of you fellas, but I can’t even look at that shit without getting sick lol. The test and tren combo lit me up with so many androgens, that it inflammed the prostate. Anyone else have these types of reaction to this compound? I been trying to see what went wrong, or hear other stories to try and piece everything together. Any info is appreciated…

The general idea around here is that you used too much test with your tren. High test + tren = bad sides for most people. Low dose test with tren doesn’t fuck with me or anyone I know whose done it, even when the tren doses get high, like 700mg+ per week. I’m not sure about the prostate problem. Some people get prostate hypertrophy and some don’t. The reason you experienced side effects for so long after stopping use is that tren e will take a while to strain out of your system due to the enanthate ester.

Ok guys, all physical sides are gone. Trenbolone enanthate was woking great actually. The psychological sides are horrible for me. I was gaining great size, and had the strength of a gorilla. Its been almost 3 weeks and the anxiety, and overall shit mood are still sticking around. Been reading other posts and forums and sad to say those are the last sides to go. I got some adavan, and it takes a bit of the edge off, but I’ve always been wired for stress lol.

Probably not the best idea to mess with tren when I worry, and stress out like a bitch. Hopefully my system can right itself soon. Also still been having weird dreams and sleeplessness brought on by anxiety. Kinda weird having anxiety attacks about worrying about anxiety attacks. Gotta bare down and focus I guess.

Some RC grade cialis can help with the prostate health, I know thats just one piece of the puzzle.

Read the dates bro, this thread is five years old.

Yeah I feel you, thought it was five days, just looked out of the corner of my eye, my bad