Trenbolone Enanthate and Test Cypionate (First Cycle CHECK)

Well some background about myself…Im 22 years old and been training about 5 years I am 5 foot 7 at 180 pound. I have been strict mood about 3 years were i dont miss a meal etc.

My 10 week cycle plan as follows would be(this would be my first cycle ever)

Week 1-10 (trenbolone enanthate)200 mg a week
Week 1-10 (test cypionate) 400 mg a week

I asked my supplier for hcg but he is kind of clueless and said i didn’t need it even though i said i wanted it just in chance he though it was for estrogen and I didn’t really want to make him mad and disagree with him so I just agreed with him. My supplier is a jack 5-9 225 pounder which is why i just agreed with him

PCT Week 14 Nolva 20mg 2x/d Is this a good time to start?

1.I know the trenbolone messing up your prolactin levels and that you could get gyno threw different pathways but I cannot get my hands on caborgolin or anything like that. You think that I could be fine? I could use vit b-6 as pill form.

  1. My supplier was being ignorant and said an AI was a no no because during cycle you need estrogen to make gains. I just accepted and told him ok even though and I know thats not entirly true. You think with the amount of test im using I could be fine or no? I really dont want gyno. I could get armidex from another provider but he charges crazy prices for everything so I would only get an AI if i REALLY do need it.

3.Can i just use SERM during cycle and if so it would look like this
Weeks 1-12 Nolva
Would this mean no pct other than the 2 weeks after last aas injection is needed?

4.If I do get gyno or gyno symptoms just add a SERM?

Also the prolactin issues really bother me and am scared. I hear many sides from it being true and then it not being true. Also on trenbolone would the libido issue just be during cycle or is impossible to recover 100 percent? Would the test counteract that?

suggestions,concerns,etc much thanks.

Start over. From square one.

Relearn everything you think you knmow about tren.

This isnt a good cycle for a few reasons.

Can you name me at least one?

Bitching out to your drug dealer when you know what you should do.

Ok, so I should get an AI
but what part of trenbolone should I be learning. Am I misinformed about the prolactin issues?

Read the stickies especially “Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning” by FuriousGeorge

I did but its the trenbolone thats getting me and things like cannot use nolva when using trenbolone and that you need canborgoblin etc.



BONEZ217 well i guess test would have to do but I would love to use tren later. So are you supposed to use nolva when using trenbolone. I heard mixed things and I just want a final anwer.

Nolvadex for what?


Its funny because someone else just posted a thread about tren enanthate. Read that and see if you can figure out why this is a bad idea.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Nolvadex for what?

PCT? [/quote]

Well i decided im not gonna use trenbolone but am going to use test and i got proviron but at that time I had no proviron so i was thinking of using nolvadex if anything flared up while using tren.

For pct and during cycle if anything flared up.

AIs are to be used for on cycle estrogen management

Bonez, you are like the Yakuza of the OG Vets…LOL

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