Trenbolone E Dosing

So i planned to keep my testosterone dose at 200mg a week where its been at for a while because i am pretty estrogen sensitive. But i wanted to try and get really lean and more lean mass so i was going to try and add tren E to my test E. I was going to do probably 150mg a week of tren E and just see how results and sides are. I have been on test for 2 years and have done 500mg test cycles, and several test and deca cycles and even test deca and anavar.

My question is about the tren. Is this the normal color of tren E. Its like a darker yellow almost orangish and looks almost bright like a highlighter in a syringe instead of pale like test.

Also i used the shitty roid test semi quantitative test to test the tren. And here is my dosing concerns. The bottle says 200mg per ml so i was going to calculate the dose for 150 a week and do 0.33ml every 3 days. However the roid test came back looking like the strength is around 50mg per ml which would mean i would have to inject way more volume to get to 150 a week.

I am just wondering whether to trust the bottle 200mg per ml when doing myself or trust the roid test 50 mg per ml. I feel many companies underdose.

Has anyone had experience with this color for the tren, the roid test results, or this company which is metamorphosis?

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Yes, tren usually is anything from neon orange to even old motor oil-darkness yellow.

I have never done any tests on UGL stuff but here is the deal… You shouldnt be actually concerned about the dosing.
You take a drug for a certain benefit and you expect a certain result, yes? Ok, so… you start taking the drug at whatever dose you think might be reasonable and then you go by the result. 5 weeks go by, you try to assess what you did or didnt get from it. If its enough - you win. If no, you up the dose.

The thing with UGL stuff is that the “recommended dosing” online doesnt really apply. Therefore we shouldnt even say “i take 1 gram of this and 700mgs of that” - because we dont really know. What we do know is that if i take enough shit to get what i want to get. Simple as that.
At the end of the day, you dont get a reward for using less and bragging your 100mgs of test gains if they are not really impressive. Maybe u need to take 2 grams of UGL shit to get 300mgs worth, but it doesnt really matter as long as you take the drug in a dose that provides you the result you want. Its the only purpose of the drug.

So ignore the mgs, just start at your calculated 0.33ml and go from there in 3-4 weeks.

p.s - i dont really think 150mgs would do much… i believe that if you are in such an undertrained level where such low doses make a difference, you can up the training and diet game, and get the same results.
I know there are studies saying that tren is good for IGF connected shit at even low doses, but i dont think it will be enough to get noticable effect on the look and muscle size unless you are under-developed.
A grown man who has trained for like 5 years on 200mgs of test, and gained some 30-40lbs of muscle from where he started, shouldnt notice much on 150mgs of anything.

150mgs is something i take along with 300mgs of test, as a “cruise” or a “bridge” between blasts and the reason i take it is because i believe my body is used to androgens and i dont want to put it under the stress of just dropping them down to 0… Also maybe some super slow(un-noticable in 2-3 months) recomp effects or some shit.

Ok thanks on confirming the color and I understand what you are saying about the doses. Just sucks if i have to use alot of volume i will go thru tons of bottles.
Two years ago i was 6ft 148lbs 140lb lean mass on dexa benching 205lb ect. Now i am 207lbs 185lbs lean mass on dexa. Benching 396lbs and stronger on all lifts and so much bigger. 17.5inch arms ect. But i have noticed my last cycles of 380mg of test and 440 mg of deca i really made no gains in lean mass at all. So i think my deca was underdosed ALOT. So I understand how you say that the low doses arent gonna do much if training good for years and I already gained 45lbs lean body mass.

I have no insights. UGL could be literally anything, any color, smell, etc. it’s part of the fun!

But that is the most legit looking UGL vial label I’ve seen lol. If I didn’t know Tren wasn’t still make by larger pharmaceuticals I’d think that was 100% legit. Well done.